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Welcome to the Firefox Chrome Explorer

Welcome to the Firefox Chrome Explorer, a theme developer's guide to Firefox and select Mozilla-related software. While potentially useful to others, this site is targeted at an audience of Firefox theme developers.

This whole site is entirely an evolving work in progress, so be warned. Still, anything said about Firefox and theme development is either true, as best I can tell, or marked as TBD.

If you came here from the Mozillazine Forums, you probably want to start with the introduction to theme development.

What's here?

Theme Intro

An introduction to themes and theme development for Firefox and other Mozilla applications. This covers important topics not covered elsewhere. Go >


Theme Reference

Descriptions of the default themes for Firefox, Thunderbird, and (todo) other Mozilla software. These sections give the structure and contents of the default themes as well as documenting key information about these applications' user interfaces.


Various articles about Firefox, Thunderbird, and other Mozilla software from the perspective of theme development. Go >


This site doesn't even pretend to offer cross-browser compatibility. I know, I know, but for now I'm choosing to prioritize adding content that's valuable to Firefox users over adding support for browsers other than Firefox.

Looking for themes for Firefox? Here's the official Firefox themes page. Also be sure to check out the theme authors listing on my links page.