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NNL Open Beta Program

Welcome to the home of the NASA Night Launch Open Beta Program.

The Open Beta Program lets you try out beta builds of a popular dark theme for Firefox while supporting its continued development.

Let's get ready for launch.

URGENT -- March 1, 2015 -- Your help is needed. Learn more.

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Short and sweet: if you're looking for beta builds for NASA Night Launch for Firefox, you're in the right place.

Here it is: right-click to download.

MD5 1c5fa31f33e36e40dddc83193d9fdb81
SHA1 eb77d258715830e498b07709e54e4cbdadb77540
SHA512 4acf84565a21f39208b9a35660e1d27c3f9ac62bdf90a0d5d657b256074f1cce27c619857d73cabe1deb5651e5dd875f684be2aa9176ec64df43679c9eb28275
  • The latest beta version is 0.1.20160314.
  • This beta supports Firefox 38 through Firefox 45, for Windows, Mac and Linux. Developer Tools styling needs more work.
  • Does not automatically update with newer versions. Subscribe to the feed for update notifications.NNL Beta Build RSS Feed
  • Changelog is here.
  • NNL official releases are available on AMO.
  • Beta builds on this page represent the latest work, and will include enhancements (including those for compatibility with other add-ons) not yet available in the official version on AMO.
  • As of 2011-08-28, we're now packaging with add-on Night Launch Companion. This is an experimental Firefox add-on for customizing the NASA Night Launch theme. This add-on enables advanced styling and optional enhancements not possible with theme technology alone. It doesn't do a lot, but what it does is important. Introduction here.
  • IMPORTANT: to allow this bundling, the file type for NNL betas changes from JAR to XPI, which changes how you install it.
  • To install: either allow this site to install add-ons (you'll be asked for permission when you click the link), or right-click the link and save the XPI to your hard drive. After saving, open Firefox to the Add-ons Manager, drag and drop the saved XPI to it, let it finish installing, then restart. You should be good to go.
  • This is a beta build. If you see a problem, say something.
  • Beta builds use a different add-on id from the official NNL release, so this will install along-side whatever NNL release you already have installed.
  • When it's done, it'll be available on AMO like always.
  • Try not to melt my server. :) And if you like it, throw me some PayPal love.

Thanks for helping out.


Please note:

  • This theme and all of its contents are distributed on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
  • You are being offered incomplete, work-in-progress, lots-still-to-do software.
  • There's no guarantee that this will work with all builds of Firefox for all the platforms Firefox runs on.
  • Compatibility with other extensions is now and always will be incomplete. There are more of them all the time, and they're changing all the time. We make efforts to work with several of the most popular extensions, and hopefully that results in something you like. Millions of people seem to like it just fine.

Your support helps a lot. Thanks again.