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Summary: to support future Firefox versions, we need new software, new hardware and your help. Give what you can. Thank you!


April 21, 2012

Hello, Firefox friends and Night Launch neighbors,

I need your help to keep NASA Night Launch in flight. We need to buy a lot of software, buy some new hardware, and pay related expenses. This is more than I can handle on my own, so I need your help to pay for it. Yes, you.

Three things:

  • First, looking ahead, this project is facing a lot of change in the software world. We have new versions of Windows on the horizon; new versions of Mac OS X out now; and new versions of Firefox coming out faster than ever. Touch-enabled devices are here in a big way, and here to stay. We need to be able to develop and test on this range of platforms, and we need the hardware to run it all on.
  • Second, we need to continue with our current web site hosting infrastructure to deliver the beta builds and information that you need.
  • Finally: connectivity. My current data plan is, frankly, cruel and inhuman. More to the point, it's no longer adequate to the demands of this project. Too many bits, too many pixels, too small of a pipe. Considering near-daily updates for the new Firefox Nightly/Aurora/Beta build channels, Firefox source code tree updates, the rapid pace of Firefox and add-on updates, and the need to keep multiple machines up to date .. this project is consuming bandwidth like never before. Time that should be spent on the project is instead spent juggling downloads and, insanely enough, trying not to use the net too much. No; just no. Time for a bandwidth upgrade.

Scroll down to see the itemized list. Bottom line, we need to spend about $5663.00 USD for necessary improvements. And that, of course, is where you come in. :)

I wouldn't ask if I didn't need it, but I do, so I'm asking.

If you've ever wondered when .. the time is now. Yes, today. How much we get determines how much we can do.

Give a lot. Give a little. Give a dollar. Just make sure you give something.

Thanks for your support.


(Why two options? Some people might be more comfortable using the Mozilla site as the jumping-off point. Mozilla has a Contribute button on the page for each add-on on their site -- that's what you'll be using if you go that route -- and that'll work. Actually, both methods eventually end up on the PayPal site, but you might like having the option.)

Itemized Expenses

These are the expenses we need to cover with this fund-raiser.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Full for Windows
The version I'm using now existed before Adobe rolled out its first Creative Suite. It's time to get current.
Base price $699.99 - discount $29.99 + shipping 0.00 + sales tax 0.00 + State online purchase tax $33.50
A year of hosting
$10.95/month * 12 months
Connectivity: A One-Year Data Plan
Base $80/month 4G 10GB plan + estimated 20% taxes/fees/carrier-invented surcharges $16 = $96/month * 12 months
Connectivity: Mifi-style Hotspot/Router/Modem
Mifi-style rather than individual USB modem so multiple machines can share the connection
Base price with one-year plan $249.00 + $35.00 activation + sales tax $17.50
Windows 8 (when it's ready)
I'll need to get it early, as soon as it's available, to be ready, so I expect I'll be paying the early-adopter premium. Also, I won't be able to use the upgrade because I'll need to keep the previous version too .. it'll have to be the full version. Based on prices for Vista and W7, guessing this will come in around $315, at least early in the release cycle.
A used Mac to run OS X
Maybe a laptop, probably a Mini. I've seen these on CraigsList for about $300.00.
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
Required for upgrade to Lion
Base price $36.99 + No sales tax + Shipping $6.06 + State online purchase tax $1.85
Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
Base Price $29.99 + estimated sales tax $2.10
A touch-capable device for running Firefox and testing with the touch interface
Not sure what kind of device this should be yet. It'll probably need to be capable of running one of the new OS's listed above so I can test on that OS. Estimating $550.00.
Other related expenses to support the above
Back-up software, external back-up devices, cables, blank media, UPS/power conditioners, replacements for failed components, caffeine.
Tax that I must pay on your contributions as income
Yep, I have to report it as income and then pay tax on it to keep it all fair and square. Estimating 25% of the above.
Total $5662.99

Maybe more than you might think, but not so much if everyone does their little part. You know what to do. And thanks again. :)