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Help Me Replace Two Hard Drives

Summary: we need to replace two hard drives in the NNL development machine. One has already failed. Give what you can. Thank you!


April 8, 2013

Hello, Firefox friends and Night Launch neighbors,

I need your help to keep NASA Night Launch in flight.

They always say if you've never lost a hard drive, it just hasn't been your turn yet. My turn came (not for the first time) last week when I lost the main drive where NNL development lives. The system locked up twice in a day, both recoverable, then suddenly got so bad I couldn't get past the desktop Start Menu without hanging. A little detective work and several long scans ruled out memory and showed a failing drive to be the problem. Many sectors died to bring you this information.

I have now taken one of my two external back-up drives and pressed it into service as the replacement for the failed unit, restored from back-ups (always good for a visceral thrill), extracted the last day of work directly from the failed drive, and retired the failed unit. We're now back up to speed with all work restored and a new NNL release in the pipeline.

Still, this leaves me short one drive. And, the second drive in that system (used for automated live back-ups and working space) is the same age (about four years old) with similar usage (beat to death by 24-7 uptime) and needs to be replaced too. That leaves me short two drives.

Contribute now to help me replace these two drives. Let's keep NNL spun up. Suggested contribution is $5 USD, or whatever you can afford.

And while we're at it, let's cover the next year's server hosting fees at the ever-reasonable Dreamhosters, so we can keep delivering the beta builds and information you need.

By all means, keep using this theme whether you can contribute or not. But if you can help out, I and everyone using NNL will really appreciate it.

Thanks for your support.


(Why two options? Some people might be more comfortable using the Mozilla site as the jumping-off point. Mozilla has a Contribute button on the page for each add-on on their site -- that's what you'll be using if you go that route -- and that'll work. Actually, both methods eventually end up on the PayPal site, but you might like having the option.)