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Help Me Speed Up NNL Development

Summary: we need faster drives in the NNL development machine. Give what you can. Thank you!


March 1, 2015

As the screenshot hopefully makes clear, my hard drive isn't really keeping up with the demands placed on it.

The screenshot shows a virus scan taking a good chunk out of two days, during which time hard drive performance takes a major hit. Consider automatic back-ups (every two days, half a day to finish), defragmentation (taking so long I hardly ever do it), and disk operations specific to theme development (managing multiple Firefox profiles, maintaining a local mozilla-central repo, unpacking and searching through omni.ja for released and upcoming Firefox) and you can see my hard drives are very busy. Time spent waiting is time I could have spent improving NNL.

Contribute now to help fund a solid state drive (SSD, 500GB, around $300 USD) as a faster replacement. Suggested contribution is $10 USD, or whatever you can afford. By all means, keep using this theme whether you can contribute or not. But if you can help out, I and everyone using NNL will really appreciate it.


(Why two options? Some people might be more comfortable using the Mozilla site as the jumping-off point. Mozilla has a Contribute button on the page for each add-on on their site -- that's what you'll be using if you go that route -- and that'll work. Actually, both methods eventually end up on the PayPal site, but you might like having the option.)