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Screenshot of Firefox with Night Launch HiVis theme

Night Launch HiVis is an EXPERIMENTAL high-contrast, large-font, dark theme for Firefox 3.0.

This theme was conceived for users with visual accessibility needs. This theme offers large, high-visibility icons, a larger font size, and high-contrast coloring in a dark-styled setting.

This theme has been retired and is no longer maintained.

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No Longer Maintained

This theme is an EXPERIMENT that didn't really pan out. Not many people ever used it. It's not compatible with current versions of Firefox, and given the small number of users it's not worth the time to update it. (Sorry.) As implemented, it doesn't meet my personal standards of quality and it doesn't do anything to advance the general impression of the Firefox add-ons family. Finally, Mozilla is now making some moves in the direction of improving support for Windows' own high-contrast mode in the Firefox default theme.

So, for all these reasons, after a couple years of availability, I've removed this theme from AMO. However, for those people who are still looking for it, it's now hosted here on this site. Feel free to use it, as an end user, if it meets your needs.

  • It only installs with Firefox 3.0.*
  • Does not work with Firefox 3.5 or newer
  • It's not complete
  • It's no longer maintained
  • Install by downloading then drag-and-drop to the Add-ons Manager

Credit for almost all large icons and many small icons (but only the good ones) goes to the amazing Arvid Axelsson. http://arvidaxelsson.se/

Credit for the throbber design goes to Cameron Nicks of Red Shift theme fame. Throbber pixels are all original, but I adapted his original concept for use in this theme. http://www.shift-themes.com