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NASA Night Launch

Screenshot of Firefox with NASA Night Launch theme

NASA Night Launch is a FREE dark theme for Firefox, inspired by the spectacular night launch of space shuttle mission STS-116.

NASA Night Launch offers everything you want in a dark theme: Firefox compatibility (Firefox 38 and up on Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X, and Linux), support for your Firefox extensions, subskins to fine-tune the look of your Firefox, and, best of all: complete theme styling of Firefox, with not one window left out. It's all sexy-smooth, it's all dark, and it's all Firefox.

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No Window Left Behind

NASA Night Launch styles every window in Firefox, and many extensions too. The one thing you don't want to see is some secondary Firefox window popping up and looking like it's from some other planet. There's none of that -- with NNL, it's all smooth, it's all dark, and it's all sexy.

Desktop Integration

Wondering how NASA Night Launch will look with your desktop? Like they were made for each other. Check out the screenshot (thanks to tk_masta -- used with permission) showing NNL with the "Noir" Windows XP desktop theme. NNL looks great with Windows Vista, too.

NNL Support for Firefox Extensions

NASA Night Launch has been tested with many extensions and has specific code for some of the most popular. Among others, NNL works great with:

2 Pane Bookmarks, Adblock, Adblock Plus, All-in-One Sidebar, Bookmark Duplicate Detector, Chatzilla, Chrome List, Colorzilla, Console2, CoolIris Previews, Document Map, DOM Inspector, Download Manager Tweak, DownloadHelper, DownThemAll, Duplicate Tab, Extension Developer, Favicon Picker 2, FaviconizeTab, FilterSet.G Updater, Find Toolbar Tweaks, Firebug, Firefox Companion for Ebay, FireFTP, Firekeeper, Firesomething, Fission, FlashGot, Fotofox, Foxytunes, Fullerscreen, Gmail Manager, GooglePreview, Greasemonkey, IE Tab, ImageBot, InspectorWidget, InterClue, LiveClick, Media Pirate, MTLI (MR Tech Local Install), MSTS-Dictionary, New Tab Homepage, PDF Download, PicLens, Rainbowpicker, RoboForm (XP), Sage, ScribeFire, Show MyIP, Splash, StumbleUpon, Stylish, Talkback, Thumbstrips, UI Tweaker, UnPlug, URL Fixer, User Agent Switcher, viewComments, Web Developer, and Wizz RSS News Reader.

If you use an extension that's not on this list and it needs special handling to work with this theme, send me an email at mcdavis941 -art- gmail -dart- com. (A screenshot always helps.)

Here are screenshots of NNL with Colorzilla, Chatzilla, Splash, DownThemAll, Imagebot, and ScribeFire.

Subskins for NNL

NNL offers subskins to let you tweak the look of the browser, above and beyond what the theme already does. For example, these screenshots show how you can use subskins to pump up the toolbar with custom NASA imagery. See Subskins for more.

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Installation is free and easy. Click here to get it!