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Welcome to the home of the NASA Night Launch Beta Program.

The Beta Program lets you try out beta builds of a popular dark theme for Firefox while supporting its continued development.

Let's get ready for launch.

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Updated May 3, 2011

Firefox 4 is now out, and NNL for Fx4+ (and Fx3.6) is now available on AMO -- just like it's always been.

You can preview on-going changes in the latest beta builds, available for all, here. Help yourself.

Now that NNL is running on Firefox 4, we've wrapped up the contribution-based Beta Program and switched to open betas. Thanks to everyone who took part. And by thanks, we mean gratitude and appreciation, because you made a real difference. Thanks, everyone!

NASA Night Launch is a popular dark theme for Firefox. Firefox 4 is coming soon, and it's a whole new browser. This means it's time to update NNL for Firefox 4 as well.

As NNL is updated, it is created as a series of beta builds, each one still a work in progress while growing ever closer to being ready for Firefox 4. For people who want to participate in this beta process and, with their comments and feedback, help guide it, we offer the NNL Beta Program.

Beta Program members get to try out these NNL beta builds while supporting its continued development. The Beta Program is open to all, and once you've signed up, you'll receive email notice of where and how to download and try out beta builds. (You'll also be asked to make a small monetary contribution before downloading. That would be the "supporting" part.)

Firefox 4 is already, today, without a doubt, the best Firefox ever. Now let's get ready with NASA Night Launch. Thanks for helping out.

Join the Beta Program now, or read on for more.

What do you get?
  • Access to the latest beta update as it becomes available. (See the change log.)
  • Email notification of new beta updates.
  • The chance to influence the direction of future NNL development, report problems so they get fixed, and report compatibility issues for the other extensions you care about.
  • And -- after Firefox 4 is released -- the chance to use a theme that you helped shape into software you actually want to use.

If you'd like to join the Beta Program, you can sign up here.

What does it cost?

Beta Program members receive access to the latest download as it becomes available for a contribution of $1 USD each.

  • The latest beta build is always available. Jump in any time you want ... take each update as it comes out, or choose only the ones you want. (The change log can help you decide.)
  • Before downloading the latest beta, you'll be asked to contribute $1 USD.

What if you don't want to contribute to support a Firefox add-on? Then wait until it's done, and get it through AMO and Firefox's built-in updater. As always, once this beta work is done and NNL has been ported to Fx4, it'll be available for free on AMO -- just like it's always been.

If you'd like to join the Beta Program, you can sign up here.

Beta Peers

If you don't feel like contributing for each download one by one, you can instead make a one-time contribution of $25 USD or more to become a Beta Peer. As a Beta Peer, you receive a login and password that takes you straight to a special downloads page, where Beta Peers can access all beta downloads, for the duration of the Beta Program, at no further cost. You'll also receive my gratitude for your support.

If you'd like to become a Beta Peer, you can sign up here.

Why a contribution-based beta program?

That's easy to answer: Firefox add-on developers have real costs, and these costs should be covered by users -- the ones who benefit in the end, after all. I'm willing to do the work (and there's plenty of that), but it shouldn't cost money to offer this theme. The Beta Program is your chance to do your part.

Important Note

If you're another theme developer, an add-on developer, a Mozilla employee, or (I'm trying to be inclusive here) anyone who's interacted with me to help with NNL in any significant way at all in the last two years ... you're in for free. The cost to you is zero. You do your part in other ways. Send me an email through the Contact Information page and I'll get you hooked up as a Beta Peer.

How do you give feedback?

You can give feedback -- rant, rave, or in-between -- and ask questions on the NNL support thread. Or, if you prefer to interact one-on-one, you can send email to the address on the Contact Information page.

How long will the Beta Program run?

The whole point of the Beta Program is to port NNL to Firefox 4. (There's a lot to do.) When NNL is ready for Firefox 4, the Beta Program will end.

Thanks for your support. Let's get started!

If you'd like to join the Beta Program, you can sign up here.


Please note:

  • This theme and all of its contents are distributed on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
  • You are being offered incomplete, work-in-progress, lots-still-to-do software.
  • There's no guarantee that this will work with all builds of Firefox 4 for all the platforms Firefox runs on.
  • Compatibility with other extensions is now and always will be incomplete. There are more of them all the time, and they keep changing all the time. We make efforts to work with several of the most popular extensions, and hopefully that results in something you like. Millions of people seem to like it just fine.

Major areas still needing work in this theme:

  1. Firefox app button and related titlebar changes
  2. Window controls (minimize, maximize, restore, close) in titlebar
  3. Styling of browser tabs, in both tabs-on-top and traditional positions
  4. Another round of styling tune-ups for browsertabs and gradient backgrounds in the toolbar area at the top of the window
  5. The Add-ons Manager
  6. Combined Go/Reload/Stop toolbarbutton
  7. Zoom in/zoom out toolbarbutton
  8. TabCandy/Panorama view
  9. Web Console
  10. Inspector
  11. Testing and refinement for OSX
  12. Testing and refinement for Linux
  13. Testing and refinement for backwards compatibility with Fx3.6
  14. And a couple other things

Plenty to do. Your support helps a lot. Thanks again.

Change Log
Date / VersionChanges
2010-09-07 / 0.6.20100907beta
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