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This list shows all beta builds of NNL for Firefox 4. The most-recent is shown at the top of the list.

To use one of these beta builds:

  1. Right-click the link and save it to your hard drive.
  2. Drag-and-drop the saved JAR file from your hard drive onto the open Fx3.6 or Fx4 Add-ons Manager.
  3. Restart Firefox to use the new theme.

Date    Link    Version Notes
2010-12-23       New in this version:
  • Adds support for tab-modal prompts.
2010-12-21       New in this version:
  • Add styling for Fx4's Go/Stop/Reload button.
  • For the Fx4 Addons Manager nav buttons (shown in the header when browser chrome is hidden), removes extra space that was there to separate the icon from the label. This is not needed, because the label is never shown.
  • Adds fx4-specific styling for the unified back forward button. The dropmarker was removed for fx4.
  • For unified-back-forward-button when in toolbars other than the nav bar, correct hover-state border color to always be #14 rather than #10 on the hovered inner button but #14 on other u-b-f-b components when the outer u-b-f-b was hovered.
  • Handle Bug 616014 - Add a close icon to the add-on bar to dismiss it. Exactly duplicates styling used for findbar close button. Also, target-of-opportunity code clean-up in findbar.css.
  • For the Fx4 Add-ons Manager, style the addon download/install progressmeter.
  • For Add-ons Manager, restore font size to 100% rather than being slightly larger.
  • Restore black color to menulist dropdown menus.
  • Firebug 1.6 fix-ups specific to OSX.
  • Upgrade Firebug support to include the new Firebug 1.6. Now supporting 1.5.2 through 1.6.*.
  • Handle Bug 612300 - Web Console opening and closing transition is too slow
  • Handle Bug 601667 - Web Console toolbar styling
  • Handle Bug 613156 - Implement splitmenu binding. Rule changes to accommodate switch from hbox.split-menuitem to splitmenu as XUL element.
  • Handle Bug 615481 - Doorhanger (popup) notifications need a maximum width and the text needs to wrap if necessary
2010-12-04       New in this version:
  • Major restyling to Addons Manager (about:addons) for Fx4. This is the first relatively-complete restyling for Fx4, establishing the overall approach and layout we will use.
    • Several smaller parts still need styling (download progress indicator, available updates count badge).
    • Adds new images (and uses most but not all of them) so that all important images available in the Windows default theme are also available here (for the benefit of addons which may reference them). Some new images are exact duplicates of images available elsewhere in this theme, duplicated to the new location so they have the same name and path as in the default theme. Stripes and background pattern are omitted.
    • Adds a new custom binding (aboutAddonsBindings.xml) which we use to improve layout of the categories view selector and the items within it.
  • For Fx4 Addons Manager, remove months-old and out-of-date rules from the previous styling iteration.
  • For Fx4 Addons Manager, remove old icon file that's no longer needed.
  • In DOM Inspector, for the inspector urlbar, add padding since it has neither .padded nor an icon.
  • Make awesomebar autocomplete popup dark by default.
  • Fix subskins to work with the companion add-on. Adds namespace at-rule and, in all files where possible, wraps rules in @-moz-document to make them target a specific document, for efficiency. Deletes unused subskins lighter-buttons and lighter-buttons-2 and test file test-subskin-style-1.css.
  • For the Unknown Content Type / Opening dialog, remove unneeded rule (was there when trying translucent background behind text) that was causing long text to be cropped.
2010-11-22       New in this version:
  • Temporarily drop the main browser window's background image down to expose the minimize/maximize/close buttons until this issue is resolved in code on Mozilla's end.
  • On Page Info window, better set color of caption background to match background gradients in cases where the groupbox above it is closed or collapsed.
  • Add sRGB color profiles to the new Firefox Share (F1) icons, which should have had that profile in the first place.
  • Delete support for the FullerScreen add-on (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4650/). That add-on only works up to Fx3.0, meaning NNL doesn't support any versions it works with.
  • For add-on Adblock Plus, in the "blockable items" view, style the close button and detach/reattach link, plus a few items around them.
  • Add main toolbar icon support for Mozilla add-on "F1" (formerly Raindrop, probably to become Firefox Share).
  • Update styling for the "About Firefox" window. Button ID had changed, plus typo in text-link rule.
  • Make prefwindow header line show on Test Pilot studies window, fixing an error introduced in NLNEXT code when splitting header logo from header lines.
  • Restore color to Test Pilot's "Feedback" toolbarbutton, since they always set it black.
  • Finish switching from [chromedir="rtl"] to :-moz-locale-dir(rtl). After this patch, there are no more instances of [chromedir="rtl"] in the theme.
  • On Unknown Content Type dialog (e.g. "Opening", as when you click a link to a JAR), use text shadow to improve legibility of the text over the background image. Also fix alignment between the labels and associated values.
  • Adjust link styling in Update History window to make them more visible over the background image.
  • Make the NNL logo header underline (Preferences, Add-ons Manager, Page Info, Wizard, and friends) handle larger text sizes. The arrow position has already been working with various font sizes; this makes the underline (behind the viewSelector/paneSelector arrows) do the same. Important for various font sizes on Windows and especially on Linux, where the default desktop size is larger than on Windows.
  • Improve (vastly improve, over my previous attempt) presentation of Error Console when using add-on Console2.
  • Improve styling for textbox[type="autocomplete"].padded. Distantly related to Bug 462663 - Height of tags edit field shrunken since landing of tags autocomplete feature. There's some risk with this change (of messing up alignment somewhere I haven't noticed) but I've looked closely and it seems like an improvement.
  • On the Page Setup window, make groupbox title backgrounds blend into the tabpanels gradient background. No IDs on the elements, so using nthchild and selectedIndex instead.
2010-11-17       New in this version:
  • For in-url-bar link highlighting, make the link target more prominent than the current location.
  • For popups opening from the appmenu popup, the first item in the open popup should align with the item in the appmenu from which it opened.
  • Adjust styling of the Firefox app button to work with current representation. Handles normal state and purple private browsing state. Like Fx itself, does not gray it out with inactive windows.
    • Handle Bug 594367 - Keep the firefox button lit when the window is inactive
    • Handle Bug 588655 - When in private browsing mode, make the Firefox button purple
    • Handle Bug 610071 - Stretch the app button to match the caption buttons' size
  • Handle Bug 587248 - Add RTL support to Panorama. Just bulk-importing this CSS for now ... will still need NNL styling later.
  • Handle Bug 596315 - Animate the opening and closing of the Web Console
  • Handle Bug 607163 - webConsole.css should be in browser.xul. Now that browser.xul loads in-theme webConsole.css, we rewrite webConsole.css rules to no longer use !important, along with efficiency changes.
  • Handle Bug 608522 - (Linux-specific) menubar shouldn't be draggable when a lightweight theme is applied (missing colon in global.css). Fixes a typo in my selector. (Note that Mozilla's patch also fixes a typo, but a different one from mine.) Unlike Mozilla's patch, I'm keeping dragging for the menubar, just because I think it's better.
  • Comment change to reflect the need for menus_have_icons=true in gconf to see icons other than favicons on Gnome-based Linux. In the default case, you don't see icons-other-than-favicons in Firefox menus on Linux. The RSS icon on Linux now works correctly.
  • Handle Bug 599735 - Add feed icon to the new Subscribe entry in Bookmarks menu. Should and do see the icons now with Fx4 on Windows. Should not and do not see them on OSX. Should not and and do not see them on Gnome-based Linux unless gconf setting menus_have_icons=true (default is false, not showing icons).
2010-11-06       New in this version:
  • For the Print toolbarbutton icon, remake the small-icon version to sharpen it.
  • Handle Bug 480350 - show currently loaded URIs in location bar autocomplete results, allow switching to the tab.
  • Handle Bug 587908 - On hyperlink hover, display the target in the location bar.
  • For add-on AdBlock Plus 1.3, style the Issue Report wizard.
  • Remake all the back and forward nav toolbarbuttons (both normal and small versions). This solves three problems: 1) styling in disabled state is now consistent with other toolbarbuttons 2) extra gloss removed from back hover state 3) small icon versions are now crisper because made from custom PSD source file rather than just scaling down from large icon versions.
  • Finish handling Bug 432287 - add buttons and icons for zoom in/out to toolbar customization palette. Finishes adding all required icons (Toolbar.png and Toolbar-small.png) (src files: nnl/src/zoomminusbutton.24px.border.psd, zoomminusbutton.16px.border.psd, zoomplusbutton.24px.border.psd, zoomplusbutton.16px.border.psd)
2010-10-31       New in this version:
  • Handle Bug 465839 - Controls for <video> content are missing
  • Handle Bug 596731 - Add web feed control to the toolbar customization palette. This adds support for the new Subscribe (feed) toolbarbutton. Adds new icon to existing files browser/Toolbar.png and browser/Toolbar-small.png. Also adds required CSS.
  • Handle Bug 592900 - Update the bookmarks menu from the nav toolbar to match changes in the Firefox menu. Changes rules applying icons to bookmarks popup menu (coming from the appmenu and from the Bookmarks Menu Button, but not from the menubar itself) to use changed ids and added ids (unsorted, bookmark this page, bookmarks toolbar).
  • First pass at handling Bug 554937 - Arrow panels. There's still much more to do here.
  • Handle Bug 602964 - return to using non deterministic throbbers (remove progress line / bar implementation). Adds new files browser/skin/tabbrowser/connecting.png and loading.png.
2010-10-13       New in this version:
  • Finishes handling Sync Setup Wizard changes from Bug 590805 - Sync UI: Revamp setup wizard. Removes the icon from the wizard header and switches to a much-larger font size for the header text. Also adds the (existing) Sync icon to the last wizard pane in a successful setup.
  • On Options / Preferences window, make the groupbox caption background colors blend into the overall window background.
  • Handle Bug 595603 - Sync UI: Remove unused images. Removes the no-longer-used images browser/skin/sync-usedNever.png and sync-usedBefore.png (saving about 5k).
  • Handle Bug 595066 - Sync UI: Ask for email address instead of username. No longer need to put the profile icon in the account field since there is none.
  • Update Firefox Sync styling. This brings it up to date for all Sync-related bugs for everything except wizard header styling. Tested on Windows; still needs testing on Mac and Linux for final release. Also needs testing with the add-on form of Sync for Fx3.6.
    • Handle Bug 590805 - Sync UI: Revamp setup wizard
    • Handle Bug 596566 - Sync UI: Text for the physical Sync Key artifact
    • Handle Bug 595066 - Sync UI: Ask for email address instead of username
  • Adds license block for setDesktopBackground.css.
  • Handle Bug 574688 - replace the status bar with the addon bar. For Fx4, moves styling from the statusbar to the addon bar instead. There are several deferred todo items which will need to be addressed to style the things that used to be in the statusbar.
  • Handle Bug 595236 - Match Tabs From Other Windows in Panorama Search. Just bulk-import tabview.css, fix it later when doing tabcandy.
  • For Colorzilla, style the new dropmarker on the statusbar icon.
  • Use right filename for previous prefwindow side image patch.
  • For main options window, use layered image over repeating gradient. This makes the gradient work even with a resizable Options window (on Linux by default, on Windows if MTLI intalled) and saves about 10k of size. Adds new file preferences/preferences.gradient.bg.png .
  • Adds the Sync primary toolbar button. Adds new files browser/synctbb.png and synctbb-small.png. Separately, also fixed an error with the image-region defns for the all-tabs toolbar button.
  • Handle Bug 594620 - Sync: Implement quota UI. Adds file browser/skin/syncQuota.css .
2010-10-03       New in this version:
  • Partial, work-in-progress change to layout of titlebar for Windows.
  • Adds styling for tabs-on-top browsertabs. Switches to using border-image instead of regular border colors. Adds new images for use as border-image and to construct the top of whatever toolbar lies below tabs-on-top so the selected tab can can merge into it. New images: tabbrowser/browsertab-borderimage-normal.png, tabbrowser/browsertab-borderimage-hover.png, tabbrowser/browsertab-borderimage-selected.png, tabbrowser/browsertab-highlight-selected.png, tabbrowser/tabstoolbar-tabsontop-bottomstrip-bg.png, tabbrowser/apptab-borderimage-normal.png, tabbrowser/apptab-borderimage-hover.png, tabbrowser/apptab-borderimage-selected.png, tabbrowser/apptab-borderimage-titlechanged-normal.png, tabbrowser/apptab-borderimage-titlechanged-hover.png .
  • Adds state-specific styling to Tabview/TabCandy/Panorama main toolbarbutton to show normal, hover, disabled, and number of tab groups. Also adds new file tabview/search.png. See source file design/design.tabview-tbb.psd.
  • Primary toolbarbuttons, when checked and on the palette, should not display the standard toolbarbutton checked-state background, border, or color. Instead, should look like all the other toolbarbuttons there.
  • For Bandwagon / Add-ons Collector, style the "Extensions" toolbar button.
  • For Sage on Mac, restore our icon in checked state.
  • Restore bottom ridge to Fx4 version of the browser-tab tabstrip (now in the tabs toolbar) when not in tabs-on-top mode. We haven't yet decided how to style it when tabs-on-top, but when not on top, we want to look the same in Fx3.6 and Fx4.
2010-09-21       New in this version:
  • Handle Bug 578028 - Move Progress Line to Location Bar, if loading tab is active, and Bug 544818 - Progress "Line" indicator for loading tabs. This is a first rough cut at progress-line styling.
  • Also refines position of window bg image to use one with a less-radical gradient and to position it closer to the window border edge.
  • Also adds missing image tabview/grain.png for Tab Candy.
  • Handle Bug 593967 - Add more elements into tabbrowser tabs for easier stylability
  • Handle Bug 579547 - New About window for Firefox 4
  • Restores upper border of main browser window when menubar hidden / Firefox button shown. Now using -moz-win-borderless-glass on the main window, and leaving space between top of background image and top window border, so some glass window frame shows through, like on the other three frame edges. Also adjusting margin on Firefox button when the window is maximized so that it is flush with screen edge. When maximized, window origin (appears to be) about 8px outside actual display area, resulting in cropped firefox button unless you do this. 8px is apparently the width of the frame in glass modes. Not sure how this should be handled in non-glass modes, or when users have altered this width through desktop setup or with desktop themes.
2010-09-18       New in this version:
  • Handle Bugs 590039 and 467518 together (Bug 590039 - fix blur radius computation and rename -moz-box-shadow to box-shadow)(Bug 467518 - gfxAlphaBlur tries to blur outside the radius). Changes all -moz-box-shadow to just box-shadow and, where possible, adjusts blur radius value to be appropraite for browser version, since it's interpreted differently in 3.6 vs Fx4. As part of this, mass-replaces both tabview.css and webConsole_networkPanel.css with the current version from the Fx4 nightly.
  • Handle Bug 588014 - Format clickable output to look like being clickable
  • Handle Bug 589154 - Edit should be a label, not a menuitem
  • Handle Bug 587341 - Implement Undo Close Group inside of Tab Candy
  • Handle Bug 578553 - Implement App-Tab experience in Panorama (TabCandy).
  • Handle Bug 571783 - Split-menu buttons are misaligned in the Firefox button menu
  • Handle Bug 588309 - Convert change password to a doorhanger panel. Note: the last one was about SAVE password, this one is CHANGE password.
  • Handle Bug 567814 - Convert Remember Password notification bar to a doorhanger notification. Adds passwordmgr/key-16.png and passwordmgr/key-64.png.
  • Handle Bug 591516 - IndexedDB: Add some UI to prompt for IndexedDB permissions
  • Adjust position of prompt arrow in web console command-line to stay in top left corner even with multiple lines of input.
  • Handle Bug 581231 - Add the Close button to the bottom of the Console
  • Adds temporary icons (normal size only, not small) for the new zoom in and zoom out primary toolbarbuttons. Still need to make the new icons from scratch for both normal and small icon modes.
  • For Bug 590742 - Incorporate new CSS for Tab Candy appearance polish, just bulk-replace all rules in tabview.css with ones from the winstripe def theme. This will need NNL restyling later.
2010-09-11       New in this version:
  • Adjust install.rdf to install with Fx3.6 through Fx4.0.*
  • Handle Bug 544816 - Attach combined Stop/Go/Refresh button to the Location Bar. Adds browser/reload-stop-go.png. (Note: temporary styling only.)
  • Handle Bug 591853 - Optimize chrome layer size with lightweight themes with transparent or no footer images
  • Handle Bug 573536 - new geolocation popup: "Learn More" link is missing
  • Handle Bug 577096 - App Tabs should indicate change of state in <title>
  • Handle Bug 583101 - Web Console input and output display should use the same font and size
  • Handle Bug 572038 - Create new Tree Panel for Inspector (milestone 0.5). Adds the base file, unaltered. Still needs NNL styling.
  • Handle use of percentage with -moz-border-radius changes in Bug 471643 - -moz-border-radius vertical percentages should be relative to box height, not width
  • Handle Bug 573103 - Implement WebConsole Network Panel. Just adding the file for now - rework it later.
  • More progress with browser tabs for Fx4. Still needs styling of strip bg and handling of tabsontop.
    • Coalesce and simplify rules in tabbox.css
    • Move code specific to browser tabs into browser.css (part 2).
    • Coalesce and simplify rules for browser tabs within browser.css.
    • Some improvement of Fx4-specific browser tab support. More work needed.
    • Adjust BarTab rules for Fx4.
  • Note: much code that was specific to tab-extension compatibility was removed (some selectors, some !important). This will need to be added back in as needed.
2010-09-08       New in this version:
  • Updates Personas support code to work with Fx3.6 and Fx4. Pulling in (into NLNEXT) code from NNL. Simple change of attribute, plus upgraded comments. Dropping Fx3.5 support code.
  • Deletes unused file global/browser.css. This file was last used with Fx2.
  • Second part of updating globalBindings.xml. This makes it the same as what's in Fx3.6 and Fx4. (It's the same in both Fx versions.)
  • Update global/globalBindings.xml -- interim step after copying from global/globalBindings3.xml, then deleting global/globalBindings3.xml. As a result, the checked-in version reflects the code actually getting used by Fx3+.
  • Code cleanup in subscribe.css
  • For TabCandy / Tab Candy / Tab View / Panorama, copies in winstripe/tabview.css as of 20100905.
  • Remove extraneous units on 0 CSS value.
  • More comment refinements for appmenu popup code.
  • Add toolbar background gradient to print preview toolbar. This mirrors the lower-impact styling of the DOM Inspector toolbar, rather than the more-standard but darker styling of the many other toolbars, like FireFTP.
2010-09-05       Note: This version is the first released for the NNL Beta Program. The changes listed here are those applied since first branching code for NLNEXT from the main NNL codebase, through the release of this first version. There are several other changes for Fx4 which are in NLNEXT but not listed here because they were applied to the main NNL codebase prior to branching.

New in this version:
  • Handle Bug 483419 - Rename the left-arrow and right-arrow class names in the print preview toolbar to previous-arrow and next-arrow
  • Improve comments for appmenu popup.
  • Renamed in Fx4 def theme, so we rename it too. This file is not used in Fx3.6 and down (neither by the new name nor the old).
  • Handle Bug 575609 - "Switch to Tab" autocomplete entries should have icon decorations (star, magnifier glass, et al.) like other entries.
  • Handle Bug 589570 - Want a splitter that only exists to collapse, not to resize. (Disabled splitter should not show a resize cursor.)
  • Handle Bug 220253: Port about:about to Toolkit, but only show useful 'about' pages.
  • Handle Bug 457801 - Implement -moz-placeholder pseudo-class.
  • Improve comments for appmenu popup code.
  • Handle Bug 583386 - Implement latest Firefox Menu design. Finished all required elements of implementation although could use another round for close.centered.png.
  • Lowercasing menu arrow icon filenames (e.g. from Menu-arrow.png to menu-arrow.png)
  • Additional styling refinements for appmenu popup.
  • Color of opened popup matches color of appmenu pane it opened from.
  • Replace bookmark.png star with silvery version (instead of golden) for use in appmenu popup.
  • Add menu arrow icons (global/menu/split-menu-arrow*.png) specific to .split-menuitem so you can tell at a glance they're not normal menus.
  • Finishes the RTL versions of menu arrow icons. (They were never done in the first place.)
  • CSS changes for RTL menu arrows, dropping chromedir="rtl" since we no longer support Fx3.5 and now use :-moz-locale-dir.
  • Reference global/menu/menu-arrow*.png in CSS (lower-cased) in anticipation of changing filenames (to be done separately to work with SVN wierdness about file renaming).
  • No border on top of nav bar (to better blend with rest of toolbox).
  • In xpi_skins subtree only, copy in from those few images given the sRGB color profile treatment to work with Firefox color management regardless of mode. Note that most of xpi_skins (in both theme versions) have yet to be given the treatment.
  • In global/extras subtree only, update PNG files to SRGB color profile versions or bare version (no sRGB, no gAMA, no cHRM, no iCCP) from NNL to work with Firefox color management regardless of mode. Also, delete unused file colorblock.282828.40pct.png.
  • In the root of the unpacked source tree only, update PNG files to SRGB color profile versions or bare version (no sRGB, no gAMA, no cHRM, no iCCP) from NNL to work with Firefox color management regardless of mode. Updates icon.png and preview.png.
  • In global/subskins subtree only, update PNG files to SRGB color profile versions or bare version (no sRGB, no gAMA, no cHRM, no iCCP) from NNL to work with Firefox color management regardless of mode. Also, delete unused subskin (fx2 ony) global/subskin/fancy-scrollbars-2 (saving 45k uncompressed).
  • In mozapps subtree only, update PNG files to SRGB color profile versions or bare version (no sRGB, no gAMA, no cHRM, no iCCP) from NNL to work with Firefox color management regardless of mode.
  • In help subtree only, update PNG files to SRGB color profile versions or bare version (no sRGB, no gAMA, no cHRM, no iCCP) from NNL to work with Firefox color management regardless of mode.
  • In global subtree only (other than arrows, other than extras, other than subskins), update PNG files to SRGB color profile versions or bare version (no sRGB, no gAMA, no cHRM, no iCCP) from NNL to work with Firefox color management regardless of mode.
  • Delete unused files gradient-normal-bg.alt1.png, gradient-normal-bg.alt3.png, gradient-normal-bg.blurred.compressed.png, gradient-normal-bg.blurred.png, and gradient-normal-bg.blurred.shrunk.png.
  • Delete unused subskins, as was done in NNL.
  • In browser subtree only, update PNG files to SRGB color profile versions or bare version (no sRGB, no gAMA, no cHRM, no iCCP) from NNL to work with Firefox color management regardless of mode.
  • For one of the Web Console bugs in the vicinity of 2010-08-19.
  • First pass at styling for Bug 583386 - Implement latest Firefox Menu design. Adds styling for the two-pane layout. Also adds icons. Both icons are used in the Firefox def theme, but we don't currently use appmenu-icons.png at all and we don't use bookmark.png in the same spots in the UI. (We only use it in the app menu popup.)
  • Temporarily delete rules added by the previous revision (which incorrectly stated 'no code change') so I can add them back and describe the change correctly.
  • Upgrade the comments - no code change.
  • Adjust rules applying to .split-menuitem within menupopup to remove reference to popup. (Popup eliminated from toolkit for Fx4.)
  • Handle Bug 588394 - The tabview image file are way too big
  • To avoid triggering bug 482965 (unintended display of right scroll arrow in tabbox when last tab selected and that tab has non-zero margin), remove margin on the last tab.
  • Handle Bug 586514 - Web Console should be 100% XUL
  • Add stub license block to files that don't have any.
  • Whitespace change.
  • Handle Bug 546857 - (kill-remote-xul) Drop support for XUL on web sites (remote XUL). Still needs handling of html:button in error pages (later).
  • Use correct binding on main browser window so Personas work with this theme. Note: this is a whitespace change to allow another commit ... this was acciently checked in with the previous revision.
  • Handle Bug 544817 - Create Bookmarks Widget with placement dependent on Bookmarks Bar status
  • Handle Bug 561782 - Create DOM Panel for inspecting DOM nodes and their properties (reticle) Milestone 0.3
  • Pull in Tab Candy / Tab View files, unedited, from Fx4 winstripe nightly.
  • Handle Bug 574036 - HUD Console should allow copying text. Will probably eventuially delete either this rule of the .hud-output-node * rule.
  • Handle Bug 583349 - Add a prompt to the input line in the Web Console. Also add related rules in headsUpDisplay.css from current nightly, even though they're not specifically part of this bug.
  • Handle Bug 581183 - Divide the Console filters into categories, and rename them for clarity
  • Handle Bug 580400 - Console should display dividers to separate messages
  • Add rudimentary support for Tab View (Tab Candy) toolbar button. Still need to make the icons and add the rest of the Tab Candy code.
  • Handle Bug 572967 - don't remove popup notifications on dismissal (allow them to be re-activated from their anchor icon). RES: Because I'm not switching to :-moz-focusring until I drop Fx3.6, I'm just using :focus for now.
  • Handle Bug 571897 - port Sync 1.4 UI for Firefox to mozilla-central
  • For Bug 552982 - titlebars for panel, make note of the OSX popup.css change in macos/os-specific-global.css, but don't take the change because our popups already have -moz-appearance none.
  • Handle Bug 576962 so that Web Console supports multiline output
  • For Linux, adds support for dragging with the menubar.
  • For OSX, adds support for dragging with the toolbar and/or statusbar.
  • For benefit of Page Info on Mac, in browser/pageInfo.css, changes selector from .inset{} to .iframe, .inset.iframe{} to boost specificity. RES: This is because order of rules on OSX is different (why?) and had inset appearance when should just have simple black border.
  • Clarify comments about OSX resizers (but no code change).
  • For Mozilla add-on Firefox Sync, adds styling for "Tabs From Other Computers" (about:sync-tabs) view. RES: Adds image xpi_skins/weave/sync-bg.png and related styling. Note that image uses indexed png with sRGB chunk to minimize size.
  • Also, adjusts spacing of ScribeFire statusbar icon.
  • For add-on Test Pilot 1.0.1, updates xpi_skins.css to clear background color from Test Pilot prefpane.
  • No need to check [emptytext] for feed button display since that was for 3.0 only.
  • Upgrades all images used for the extras pages (global/skin/extras) to have profile sRGB, which makes it work with all Firefox color modes (gfx.color_management.mode).
  • Upgrades global/backgrounds/commonDialog.bg.1.png (using TweakPng) to have profile sRGB, which makes it work on Fx4 with all Firefox color modes (gfx.color_management.mode).
  • Also a tiny adjustment of menupopup margin offset.
  • For split-menuitem (in Firefox button, also as generic class) adds spacing (margins, also position of open menupopup relative to item). Also lines up first item in menupopup with the menu from which it opened.
  • Adds space for mandatory OSX window resizer in statusbar. RES: Intentionally don't set right padding on statusbar in default statusbar styling (global.css). Then, in macos platform styling, set right padding to 14px. On other platforms, will default to zero, which is what we want.
  • Adds support for Mozilla add-on Add-ons Collector (formerly Bandwagon) version 1.1.1
  • For add-on Faviconize Tab, reduces width of browser tab while in faviconized state.
  • For add-on Bar Tab, makes the background fully opaque but keeps the half-opacity of tab icon, text, and close button. As delivered, Bar Tab was making it hard to tell the difference between the selected tab and the others.
  • For add-on MR Tech Toolkit, adds styling to the sort button in bottom right corner of Add-ons Manager.
  • Adds support for Fx4 resizers.
    • Remove 3.5-specific resizer-related code from global.css in favor of rules in global/resizer.css
    • Remove global/resizer directory and the six images in it: gripper.png, gripper-rtl.png, gripper8x8.png, gripper8x8-rtl.png, gripper8x8.ongray.png, gripper8x8-rtl.ongray.png
    • Add images global/icons/resizer.png, resizer-rtl.png, resizer-small.png, resizer-small-rtl.png to replace gripper.png and friends
    • Update all resizer-related code to use new images, to handle RTL cases, and to show resizer hightlighting on hover.
    • Remove reference to Download Actions window. (Was removed from Firefox for 3.0.) Note, leaving it in for Tbird, whether it's still used there or not.
    • Remove resizer-related code for Downloads window. (Was removed from Firefox for 3.0.)
    • Note that this patch is intended to work with both 3.6 and 4.0, even though we haven't decided which we'll be supporting in NLNEXT.
  • Adds support for notification highlighting of new add-ons in Add-ons Manager by adding a colored strip along the side of newly-installed add-ons. Note that this applies only to installation of new add-ons, not to updates of already-installed add-ons. RES: Uses -moz-border-image and adds new files extensions/border-image.notify.png extensions/border-image.notify-hov.png and extensions/border-image.notify-sel.png.
  • Opportunistic code clean-up
  • Add RTLness to about:cacheentry styling
  • Adds support for the new geolocation popup notification, add-ons manager popup notification, and the new doorhanger popup notifications in general. As part of this, adds support for on-light button type=menu-button and the corresponding on-light menupop (used in the geolocation notification). Adds new folder global/dropmarker-onlight and on-light versions of dropmarkers within it. Also adds extensionGeneric.png and extensionGeneric-16.png because they are used in the popup notification. Also adds initial support (min-width) for pinned app tabs. See Moz bug 398776, bug 565187, and bug 572043.

Historical note: to make sense of these changes, you need to know that they are referring to two separate codebases.

NLNEXT is the new codebase, created in 2010 for adding support for Firefox 4. By default, all change descriptions refer to that codebase. The theme based on the NLNEXT codebase is now released on AMO, and that codebase is the primary source for this theme.

The second codebase is the older one, targeting Fx3.5 and Fx3.6, and is no longer being used for released versions of NNL on AMO. If you see a statement like "from NNL" in older change descriptionts, that usually means code that was first applied to the NNL codebase, then copied into the NLNEXT codebase.

Note 2: NAWAPB: Not Associated with Any Particular Bug.

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