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This list shows all beta builds of NNL for Firefox 4. The most-recent is shown at the top of the list.

To use one of these beta builds:

  1. Right-click the link and save it to your hard drive.
  2. Drag-and-drop the saved JAR file from your hard drive onto the open Fx3.6 or Fx4 Add-ons Manager.
  3. Restart Firefox to use the new theme.

Date    Link    Version Notes
2011-12-28       New in this version:
  • Finish handling Bug 497995 - Implement border-image revisions in latest css3-background. Rewrites -moz-border-image rules for 1) browsertab scroll arrows 2) statusbarpanel separators 3) buttons of type menu-button (both normal and on-light) 4) and new-addon richlistitem styling for the Firefox 3.6 Add-ons Manager and the "Add-ons Collector" add-on.
  • For Bug 497995 - Implement border-image revisions in latest css3-background (new for Fx12) - which changes both syntax and semantics of -moz-border-image, rewrite browsertab rules to work with both the old and new syntax for Firefox 3.6 and up, including current nightlies. Still need to handle uses other than browsertabs.
  • Brighten findbar text color in the not found case to better contrast the reddish background.
  • For add-on Firebug's 1.8 series, restore top toolbar styling and handle new searchbar states (ready, search active, wrapped, and not found).
  • Change about NNL dialog text to say icons from fx4+ rather than just fx4, to cover the range of rapid releases.
  • Handle Bug 591780 - Frontend support for restartless dictionaries. Untested until we actually get our hands on a restartless dictionary.
  • Make EULA dialog show add-on-type-specific icons.
  • In About Extension dialog, align the icon with the left margin of dialog contents.
  • Make xpinstall (Confirm Add-on Install dialog) use icons to indicate add-on type. See Bug 572043: Update add-on manager icons for beta 1.
  • Move dictionaryGeneric.png from mozapps/plugins/ to mozapps/extensions/ so it's in the same location as in the default theme, and update our CSS to reference the new location. When we added this file, we placed it in the plugins directory because that's where newaddons.css in the default theme looks for it, but that code in the default theme isn't functional and should actually be looking for it in extensions.
  • Handle Bug 675823 - Implement the "J-PAKE first" flow on desktop (Sync). Some code was committed for this previously, but this is the rest of the change.
  • Handle Bug 675822 - First sync desktop status page with upload progress bar. For Fx10 and up, when setting up Firefox Sync, replaces (shows instead of) what was formerly the last page ("Success!") of the wizard sequence with in-content UI. Adds icon sync-128.png and in-theme CSS file syncProgress.css. We also add but don't yet use file themeBindings.xml, with the intention of coalescing all our in-theme bindings, other than those at chrome URLs mandated by Firefox itself (i.e., not globalBindings.xml), in this new file.
  • Follow-up patch for Bug 693461 - Make inContentUI.css work for XHTML pages. Styling for xul:page will not apply to XHTML content, so must reapply root element styling (background image) in inContentUI.css.
  • The previous patch included code (the xpi_skins.css changes) that was for Bug 675823 - Implement the "J-PAKE first" flow on desktop (Sync) - for Fx10 and up.
  • For Fx10, handle Bug 693461 - Make inContentUI.css work for XHTML pages
  • In the Add-ons Manager, don't desaturate icons for NNL-family add-ons (NNL, NLNEXT, Companion).
  • Update caption background colors in the Options/Preferences window.
  • Slightly desaturate all add-on-defined icons in the Add-ons Manager list (not our generic ones) to make them more NNL-ish.
2011-12-22       New in this version:
  • Fix for unwanted white-yellow line above tabbox (such as the Firefox Preferences window) on OSX. Firefox on OSX (beginning around version 8 or so) has a problem where the 1x1 single-pixel tabstrip background image isn't rendered correctly, so we switch to using an 8x8 equivalent background image instead.
  • install.rdf maxVersion bump to 12.0a1
  • Make subskins correctly draw border on unified back forward bottom for the case of no dropmarker.
  • Make subskins better handle tabsontop.
  • For Night Launch Companion, make domain highlighting disabling default to off (false) rather than on.
  • For Night Launch Companion, change phrasing of domain highlighting description in Options window.
  • For Night Launch Companion, bump maxVersion to 12.0a1.
2011-12-20       NNL Version 0.6.20111220 Released to AMO
2011-12-19       New in this version:
  • Add support for add-on Adblock Plus 2.0.1. Keeping support for ABP 1.3.10.
2011-12-17       NNL Version 0.6.20111217 Released to AMO
2011-12-17       New in this version:
  • For in-url-bar popup blocked icon, fix typo in CSS. Was incorrectly setting image region in active state.
  • Fix problem with star button size from Fx8 and up. Noticed that in-url-bar star button on Fx11 nightly is fuzzy. Has size 15x15 even though the icon size is 16x16. Our code has been intentionally setting max-width: 15px but allowing max-height to stay none. Noticed that size is 15w x 16h on Fx7, but switches to 15x15 for Fx8 and up. Probably caused by a change in the way max-width and max-height work; probably related to Bug 677091 - Layout broken on preference dialog and find bar - and Bug 585069 - xul images should support ratio scaling. Solution: 1) for now we remove the max-width CSS and allow the star button element to have size 16x16; 2) the visual icon width will increase from 15 to 16 for all Fx, the height will increase from 15px to 16px for Fx8 and up, and will be slightly, noticably larger and brighter; 3) may later go back and change the icon itself to be narrower within the overall 16x16 field, as it was for Fx3 through Fx7.
  • Handle Bug 618437 - No indication of blocked popups when the notification bar is disabled. This causes a blocked-popup icon to show within the URL bar. For Fx4 and up. Icon hover and active states to come in a follow-up patch.
  • Handle Bug 679255 - Tab close button shouldn't be focusable. Comment-only change.
  • Handle Bug 664895 - Make the details pane not jump when a screenshot image is loaded. Modifies AOM detail view to show a throbber while loading the screenshot image, and an error icon if an error is detected during attempted load. For Fx9 and up.
  • Handle Bug 688461 - Search result for tabs from other windows is truncated for certain sites. This is about searching in Panorama and matching a page in a second window, when that page has a large favicon.
  • Handle Bug Bug 703938 - Move WebConsole style from toolkit to browser. For Fx11 and up, moves web console files to a new location, while keeping them available at the old location for Fx10 and down.
  • Handle Bug 679708 - Further Lion-ize Toolbar Icons (mac only). For the benefit of OSX Lion and the Lion-specific overrides defined within Firefox itself, add chrome://browser/skin/lion/tabview/tabview.png as an exact copy of chrome://browser/skin/tabview/tabview.png
  • Handle Bug 669345 - Add support for radio button elements for inline preferences.
  • Handle Bug 652536 - Remove workaround for Bug 133527. Updates alert.css for the popup notification coming out of the desktop taskbar used to announce a new Firefox update or new mail in Thunderbird.
  • Handle Bug 674229 - Repeat bubbles in Web Console are too close to the Source Link. Fixed for Fx8 and up.
  • Handle Bug 416459 - Implement proper cut action for bookmarks. For bookmark items, styles with a lower opacity to indicate cut-but-not-pasted state. Also removes unused rules to mark start of session in history (which feature was never fully implemented in Firefox itself).
  • Handle Bug 666842 - Use an ellipsis for long tab names in Panorama. Comment-only change.
  • Handle Bug 664788 - console.log(message) doesn't show leading whitespace in message.
  • Handle Bug 652657 - Provide opt-in UI for Telemetry
  • Handle Bug 660279 - Change popup notification description max-width to use em instead of px
  • Handle Bug 660229 - about:permissions left-side list auto resizes when string not found. Comment-only change.
  • Remove unneeded code from organizer.css.
  • Handle Bug 588027 - Clean up places library code.
  • Handle Bug 657961 - Use async API to get favicons for site permissions page
  • Handle Bug 545070 - plugin-problem UI shouldn't say "click here". Add new file pluginMissing.png to maintain a parallel icon structure with the default theme, even though we don't use it and our names are different.
  • For Bug 476430 - Make third-party add-ons disabled on startup, and allow users to activate them - use the on-light version of the generic plug-in icon.
  • Comment-only change, follow-up to bug 658431.
  • Another patch for Bug 595848 - Support registering custom add-on types that appear in the UI as a regular list. For search engines, the assigned ID has changed, so we change the CSS to match.
  • Handle Bug 476430 - Make third-party add-ons disabled on startup, and allow users to activate them. Adds files newaddon.css and dictionaryGeneric.png. Use our addon testaboutnewaddon.xpi to test.
  • Handle Bug 658530 - Update about:permissions style to use common in-content page styles
  • Handle Bug 658431 - Move generic page styling into separate stylesheet for reuse in other in-content UIs. Adds file inContentUI.css.
  • Unknown bug number, handle rename of Web Console toolbarbutton from Web Developer to Logging.
  • Handle Bug 660655 - Update class name of the Plugin check link in the Add-ons Manager
  • Handle Bug 639896 - The window controls look reversed in full-screen mode for RTL versions of Firefox
  • Handle Bug 643628 - Last updated date misplaced in search results
  • Install.rdf maxVersion bump up 11.0a1.
2011-11-13       NNL Version 0.6.20111113 Released to AMO
2011-11-13       New in this version:
  • Handle Bug 521890 - Use CSS Transitions for HTML5 videocontrols.
  • Handle Bug 692640 - Video statistics text overlaps itself on small dimension videos.
  • Handle Bug 669260 - Add statistics overlay to videocontrols. Shows framerate and other stats on top of HTML5 video.
  • Handle Bug 481082 - Video controls should listen for |stalled| event. Add reverse-direction throbber to indicate stalled state of video playback.
  • Add files for Style Inspector and GCLI. This is a crude and incomplete first pass; checking in work in progress so we can release a beta.
  • Handle Bug 667480 - [10.7] Update Firefox's Toolbar Button Style for OS X Lion. Adds chrome://browser/skin/lion/Toolbar.png.
  • Handle Bug 684625 - Display a warning when DOM full-screen mode entered or restricted key pressed. This isn't working right yet, when on glass and showing the app button, but suspect this is a deeper issue than can be addressed with in-theme CSS, so taking this code anyway with follow-up to come.
  • For blocklist popup, richlistitem background image should not repeat. This problem starting showing up now that very-large add-on icons are shown in the list.
2011-10-03       New in this version:
  • For add-on Stylish 1.2.3, update toolbarbutton icon and statusbar icon styling.
  • Create new subskins for dark-border versions of the three new app button subskins, as well as for the default orange and default private purple. There are now seven subskins for the app button, and you can learn about them here.
  • For Panorama, use a smaller border radius for the expanded-stack grid view background.
  • For Panorama, use the gray stack expander button icon from the Mac theme instead of the blue-gray one from the Windows theme.
  • For the wide-format billboard-style update wizard, give it the same spacing below the header underline that we had for the fx3.6 update wizard.
  • Make the change for Bug 618552 - "Undo Close Group" button does not fit for some locales - also work for Fx4.
  • Handle Bug 591699 - Wrong clickable area for "close tab group" button. Expands click target of Panorama 'Close Group' X button to go from the button itself all the way to the associated corner of the group, making it easier to click.
  • Handle Bug 663613 - remove "new tab" button from groups - by leaving a note in tabview.css to delete new-tab.png and related CSS after a couple years have passed.
  • Handle Bug 663611 - display pointer cursor when hovering tab groups.
  • Handle Bug 654721 - Remove the "orphan tab" concept from Panorama. Panorama used to let you have single tabs not part of any tab group, and they were given styling in the Panorama view to look like they were in a group, even though they weren't. With Fx7, all tabs now exist within a tab group, mandating styling changes.
  • When in the Panorama view, remove borders from tabs in groups, since it's cleaner without them.
  • Handle Bug 618552 - "Undo Close Group" button does not fit for some locales. This lets height increase to work with longer (i.e. wrapped) labels.
  • Fix a problem where primary toolbarbuttons in the Tabs Toolbar were increasing that toolbar's height, which broke layout of pinned tabs in the case when you had enough tabs that tab scrolling was in effect ([positionpinnedtabs]) because pinned tabs have a fixed height and do not grow with increasing Tabs Toolbar height. We now use vertical margins and padding in a new primary toolbarbutton layout regime specific to the Tabs Toolbar.
2011-09-15       New in this version:
  • In the Night Launch Companion Options/Preferences window, make 'Titlebar Area Styling' section disable when on XP (since those settings only apply when on a glass-styled Windows).
  • Add three new subskins for coloring the Firefox button: 1) firefox-button-dark-gray-1, 2) firefox-button-dark-gray-2, and 3) firefox-button-private-purple-1. The first two apply only when NOT in private browsing, and the last one only applies when IN private browsing (restoring the original vibrant purple color from the default theme).
  • For the Firefox button (Fx4 and up) change the color used with private browsing mode from a vibrant purple to a more NNL-ish refined maroon-purple.
  • Change the way we draw the Firefox button border when drawing some background in the titlebar (i.e., when glass and (maximized+tabsintitlebar or nightlaunch-bg-in-titlebar or subskin or persona)) to use a white outer border, but with lower opacity for lower prominence.
  • For the Firefox button, use a 2px border (as does the def theme) with white outer border to match the glass caption button styling. This is our new default-case styling, although there are some exceptions where we use a 1px border (Windows Classic) or a less-prominent outer white border (XP).
2011-09-04       NNL Version 0.6.20110904 Released to AMO
2011-09-04       New in this version:
  • In Night Launch Companion, add UI to control disabling of domain highlighting when using NASA Night Launch (and betas). See documentation here.
2011-08-28       New in this version:
  • Begin packaging the add-on Night Launch Companion with NNL betas. (Note that to allow this bundling, the file type for NNL betas changes from a JAR to an XPI.)
  • Night Launch Companion is an experimental Firefox add-on for customizing the NASA Night Launch theme. This add-on enables advanced styling and optional enhancements not possible with theme technology alone. Hopefully it's fairly obvious how it works, but see documentation here.
  • Update major subskins to work with new window background styling and Night Launch Companion titlebar background changes. This patch should be considered "alpha" - still needs multi-platform testing. Switches from drawing the clouds in the toolbox to drawing on the window background with layered multiple background images, plus related changes. This is a big improvement but it focuses almost solely on the major subskins and there's still lots to do for the others.
  • For glass-capable Windows systems when actually running in glass mode, don't draw the window dark background in the titlebar by default. This changes the element receiving the background gradient to be the toolbox, rather than the overall window. This changes our default styling to leave the titlebar glassy, which should be good for people using Vista/W7 and better for people using third-party Windows desktop themes. Also, adds CSS to respond to non-default attributes set by Night Launch Companion to allow 1) optionally customizing the amount the toolbox overlaps the bottom of the titlebar, and 2) optionally drawing the window background in the titlebar.
  • Upgrade maxVersion to 9.0a1
  • Remove em:skinnable from install.rdf since Personas doesn't allow interoperability with themes, we haven't tested our recent changes with Personas, and we don't want to be surprised (heh) by a sudden reenabling of theme-Persona interoperability.
  • Further improve arrowpanel styling: use a milder gradient; add a little pale golden gray at the gradient bottom; reduce width of black surround around arrowpanel payload; and (in most cases) center the arrowhead under the target element.
  • Styling updates for add-on HTTPS-Everywhere.
2011-08-04       New in this version:
  • For Fx4 and up, handle toolbarbuttons in the Add-on Bar as a special case, with its own styling regime. This eliminates vertical margins, vertical padding, and all borders, so that toolbarbuttons fit within the Addon Bar without increasing its height, while filling it top to bottom such that hover-state highlighting also goes all the way from top to bottom, similar to menubar item highlighting. We also adjust side padding so it's the same as between items in the statusbar.
  • Decrease height of Status Bar (for Fx3.6) and Add-on Bar (for Fx4 and up). The new resulting height is 24px (i.e., 22px content and 2px top border) unless increased by larger font sizes. This decreases the height by 5px for Fx3.6 and by 4px for Fx4+. We're using a border-image for statusbarpanel dotted separators so that the bottommost dot results in a 2px gap between the dots and the bottom of the statusbar (which cannot be done with a dotted border, since you can't ensure the lowest pixel in the border will contain a dot). We also switch the statusbarpanel dotted border to the left side, because that makes it easier to avoid an extra border when there is no resizer (as is the default case for Windows builds of Fx4 and up). We also add add-on-specific styling for NewsFox and Status-4-Evar, which have elements in the statusbar area. Note that toolbarbutton height still needs adjustment when used in the Add-on Bar, and will be adjusted separately.
2011-08-02       NNL Version 0.6.20110802 Released to AMO

New in this version:

  • All of the previous beta changes, plus one that was not released in a beta:
  • In findbar, increase space between textbox and toolbarbutton so the toolbarbutton's icon visually groups with the label and not with the textbox.
2011-07-31       New in this version:
  • For extensions/about.css, add license block and various code clean-ups.
  • For ChatZilla 0.9.87's new logging feature, style the logging on/off icon in the ChatZilla statusbar.
  • Handle Bug 633282 - Aero glass glaze effect jumps down when status info overlay appears - for Fx6 and up.
  • For tabmodal prompts, switch from radial gradient to uniform luminosity behind the prompt. There was too much banding with the radial gradient.
  • Delete unused files browser/places/star-button-gradient*.png.
  • Delete unused file question-tabmodal-64.png. This was formerly used in tabmodal prompts before Fx4 release, but was not used in the final released Fx4.
2011-07-19       New in this version:
  • Don't draw arrowpanel shadow on Linux. Firefox on Linux can't deal with box-shadow, so we remove it in os-specific-popup.css, for Linux only. Attempts to use partial transparency there give an opaque black background. See http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=10544231#p10544231 for details. Thanks Patrick for pointing this out.
  • Arrowpanel follow-up: for add-on FireFTP, add padding to its identity popup.
  • Improve styling of Fx4-and-up arrowpanels. This adds a dark surround that better connects the arrowhead to the popup body, uses gradient backgrounds where before it was solid, uses semi-transparent borders so the borders have a gradient too, and vastly improves alignment and layout. Keeps on-light styling for arrowpanels by default, and also keeps on-dark styling for the edit bookmark panel.
  • For arrowpanels (Fx4 and up), draw a dropshadow.
  • Add sRGB color space setting to images used for button[type="menu"].
2011-07-13       New in this version:
  • For Fx7 and up, support in-AOM (and, possibly, in-tab) display of simple add-on options/preferences. Handles the following bugs, which implement this new feature.
    • - Bug 653637 - Provide a simple way for addons to have preferences UI
    • - Bug 659163 - Make menulists usable and useful in addon manager inline settings
    • - Bug 662012 - Add file, directory, and color type to add-on manager inline preferences
    • - Bug 662004 - Extensions preferences in a tab
    • - Bug 665515 - Unsupported types of inline settings show as an empty row
  • For Mozilla add-on Feedback (formerly Test Pilot), suppress toolbarbutton icon display on the Feedback toolbarbutton when it's on the Customize Toolbars palette; otherwise, because it doesn't come with an icon of its own, it picks up our default ttb-1 rule and shows the entire Toolbar.png image. Note that you may need to use an Aurora build, which comes packaged with Feedback, to see this, unless you explicitly install Feedback for yourself.
  • Comment-only change. Also, the previous revision message should have referred to Stylish 1.2, not 1.1.2.
  • For add-on Stylish (version 1.1.2 or possibly earlier) there's a visible light border above the text "Visit userstyles.org for more information about how to use Stylish", which border we don't want, so we remove it. This border is only present within the Add-ons Manager itself, for Fx4+, and not when the userstyle list is shown in the sidebar or in a separate window. Also clean up spacing.
  • In the wake of Fx6's Bug 659578 - Remember Password notification is cut off at the bottom - we no longer need to use extra spacing before the promo message text link because this is now built into the displayed message string.
  • For soft notification promo messages (see bug 618913 and friends) in the Edit Bookmarks Panel, increase the width of the Edit Bookmarks Panel content part to make the popup about the same width as in the default theme so that promo message wrapping is about the same. Our min-width is wider than in the default theme (which uses 23em) to end up at about the same width even though we use less margin.
  • Bump maxVersion to 8.0a1.
  • In the Add-ons Manager for Fx4+, hide the addon list in the case of "You don't have any add-ons of this type installed", else we see an empty richlistbox below the message, looking odd.
  • For add-on Web Developer, style the splitter on the Web Developer dashboard.
  • Styling tweaks for add-on Colorzilla 2.5.5.
  • Add styling for add-on Restartless Restart. This doesn't work with his toolbarbutton with the way he's setting 'image'. For this to work, he would need to change the way he assigns the icon.
  • Preload browsertab border-images to avoid an otherwise-noticeable delay. Not directly related, but see also bug 547787 #c21 for background. Thanks ShareBird for the tip.
  • For new Status-4-Evar version 2011.06.28.22, clean up styling of the S4E Preferences window. It now features a live example of an in-urlbar progress meter, requiring the same styling as the one in the real urlbar.
2011-06-30       NNL Version 0.6.20110630 Released to AMO
2011-06-30       New in this version:
  • For Fx4+ and Bug 501095 - Clean up appPicker's use of XUL - improve layout of the app picker dialog that opens from the Options window's applications pane when picking 'Use other...' for an item in the list of content types. (This has no impact on the Mac or on Linux, where Firefox uses a native OS dialog instead of the XUL app picker dialog.)
2011-06-27       New in this version:
  • Improve support for add-on Status-4-Evar's in-urlbar progress meter, link target, and status info. Note that this hasn't been tested with RTL mode.
  • Remove support for the Splash add-on since it doesn't exist for Fx3.6/Fx4.
  • Switch back to our time-tested silvery throbber instead of the bright orange one.
  • Add styling for web console network inspector panel.
  • For add-on Status-4-Evar, style the downloads button.
  • Delete unused icon information-tabmodal-64.png. It was used in the tab-modal popup design for a while, but now it's not.
  • More for the Mac tooltip rendering error: don't suppress top margin on tooltip label if it follows a hidden tooltip label. This fixes a problem with bookmarks in the bookmarks toolbar having no label (e.g., by editing properties), in which case the url part of the tooltip was touching the top edge of the tooltip border.
2011-06-13       New in this version:
  • For Console 2, don't need margin between toolbarbutton icon and label for toolbarbutton.textonly, where the icon is always hidden.
  • Make urlbar autocomplete popup on-dark styling conditional on NOT having an extra attribute present, such that it will be dark by default but falls back to our previously-used on-light styling if the attribute is present. (Separately, Night Launch Companion now gives users the option to revert to this older on-light styling by setting hidden pref extensions.nightlaunchcompanion.awesomebarPopupDarkOnLight. This marks the first case of code in NNL being written with awareness of the companion add-on, and we're doing it in a way that makes sure the default behavior applies when the companion add-on isn't installed.) Also, for readability of items in the urlbar autocomplete popup, lighten the color of the link text.
  • Remove unneeded !importants from console.css.
  • For Console 2, rationalize the padding and layout of the toolbar buttons in the Error Console.
  • For the stock Error Console window (not with Console 2) rationalize the padding on the toolbar buttons. Before this, a checked button would shift to the right like in the bad old Win98 days, but now it just presses in like every other NNL-styled toolbar button.
  • Minimize specificity of selectors for combined go/reload/stop button for benefit of rules in Night Launch Companion.
  • For the small Adblock Plus toolbarbutton icon, increase the wordmark height by one to make it even and center it in the even-height icon.
  • Improvements for the Error Console window (both with and without add-on Console2). Note that this change does not touch the Web Console. See also nnl/design/design.consoleicons.psd.
    • use the standard system font throughout (log messages used to be monospaced, but that just made it look like a mess)
    • for code snippets in error log messages, use the same narrow monospace font as in the Web Console and use the standard NNL text color
    • use NNL colors for the dashed line and caret pointing to code errors
    • upgrade the icons used for items in the log list (message, warning, error)
    • upgrade the Error Console toolbarbutton icons
2011-06-10       NNL Version 0.6.20110608 Released to AMO

New in this version:

  • All of the previous beta changes, plus two that were not released in a beta:
  • Improve ABP large icon with vertically-centered (larger) text.
  • For FireFTP 1.99.4, hide the unstylable icon in account list menulist.
2011-06-06       New in this version:
  • Provide NNL-styled toolbarbutton icons for Adblock Plus.
  • Handle Bug 618913 - Implement in product notifications to set up Sync. For Fx6 (targeted), this bug adds a low-impact, unobtrusive "soft notification" that appears at the bottom of the edit bookmark and save password popup panels. It's used to promote Sync now and may be used to highlight other Firefox features in the future.
2011-05-31       New in this version:
  • Work around the tooltip rendering error on the Mac with Fx4. To keep it simple, this changes the style for all platforms in the same way.
  • Add NNL styling for about:support. (See bugs 367596, 518607, 518989 and related.)
  • For Fx6 and Bug 577721 - allow repositioning of the web console: above, below and out into a panel/window - adjust spacing of the dropmarker on the position button.
  • For Fx6 and Bug 577721 - allow repositioning of the web console: above, below and out into a panel/window - add code to webConsole.css to style the web console as a detached, floating panel.
  • Update maxVersion to 7.0a1.
  • For Fx6, handle Bug 656269 - Add link to Mozilla plugin check from Add-ons Manager. It's a button, but we style it as a text-link since it opens a new page.
2011-05-25       New in this version:
  • Delete the global/extras directory and contents. This was added back before we had a website, but everything in extras is now available on our site, so delete it from the theme to save the space.
  • For Bug 539834 - Need updated content plugin-problem icons and new pinstripe notification icon - add four icons which must exist with certain specific names at certain specific locations. They are set as img src= with those names from chrome URLs encoded in browser.js. This fixes the problem of these icons being missing for Fx4 and up in plugin-related messages (e.g. missing plugin) shown as a notification strip. We also keep the existing, duplicate icons with the old names because those are required for Fx3.6.
  • For Fx6 and Bug 573176 - Implement Site-Specific Privacy Preferences - preserve constant width of sites list even when search shows zero results and richlistbox shows zero items.
  • For Fx6 and Bug 573176 - Implement Site-Specific Privacy Preferences - add file browser/preferences/aboutPermissions.css. about:permissions is new for Fx6.
  • For the Options window on Fx5 and up, add groupbox caption background color for the new Tracking groupbox. The do-not-track checkbox moved from the Advanced to the Privacy prefpane to boost discoverability.
  • For Fx6 and up, handle Bug 595848 - Support registering custom add-on types that appear in the UI as a regular list. This bug programmatically generates IDs instead of assigning them statically in XUL. For extensions, themes, languages and plugins, the assigned ID has changed, so we change the CSS to match.
2011-05-08       NNL Version 0.6.20110508 Released to AMO
2011-05-08       New in this version:
  • In install.rdf, boost maxVersion to 6.0a1.
  • For edit bookmark panel as arrowpanel, restore the border so it looks the same way it does with Fx3.6. This border is atypical with current arrowpanel styling, but it just looks better.
  • Restore hover-state icon highlighting to the back and forward buttons in the main toolbar. Sometime ago (maybe a year or more) we lost this. We've been relying on the buttonover property which became unsupported somewhere between Fx3.5 and Fx3.6. Now we just test :hover instead.
2011-04-26       New in this version:
  • For add-on Stylish, make the headers in the list of userstyles flatter (less bulbous). Also remove the gradient part of the background from the list when shown in the sidebar or in the stand-alone manage window.
  • For add-on Firebug, for version 1.6.* (on Fx3.6) and version 1.7 (on Fx4), restore the non-interactive search glass icon in the searchbar of Firebug's toolbar.
  • Remove unused file Search-bar.png and the rules that referenced it in organizer.css. The rules were added in the run-up to Fx3 but removed from the def theme before release in Bug 422977 - remove advanced search UI from library / bookmarks organizer.
  • For add-on Firebug, use our styling for the little prompt at the top of the open commandline autocomplete popup. Also, use a brighter background color for selected items in the autocomplete and command history popups for better visibility over the light Firebug window contents.
  • For add-on Firebug, add NNL styling for selected text in the console commandline autocomplete popup.
  • For add-on Firebug, for the Firebug main toolbarbutton icon, restore the use of the 24px icon when in large (normal) icon mode. For Fx4, Firebug 1.7.0 always uses a 16px icon, but we want the large icon. Fortunately, the 24px icon is still in Firebug.
  • For add-on Firebug, restore menu highlighting colors to the command history popup. It's a panel with items represented as html div's instead of menuitem.
  • For add-on Firebug, use an NNL-styled icon for the Command History toolbarbutton.
  • For add-on Firebug, restore light-on-dark text color to the console-view command box.
  • For add-on Firebug, style status icon and label (indicating presence and number of errors) in statusbar.
  • For add-on Firebug, restore background color in the main toolbar.
2011-04-24       New in this version:
  • For add-on FireFTP, add styling for the search toolbar.
  • For add-on FireFTP, use NNL colors for log output.
  • For add-on FireFTP, add disabled and hovered state icons for the transfer arrow buttons, the folder up buttons, and the refresh buttons. By using disabled-state icons, we make it easier to tell whether the remote side is connected or not.
  • For add-on Google Toolbar, improve the icon for the in-toolbar splitter/resizer.
  • For add-on Stylish, update our code to handle its toolbarbutton when placed in the new-for-Fx4 Add-on Bar (formerly the Status Bar).
  • For Stylish on the Mac, use important when setting width on the userstyles list margin, because they're using important too. Also, for all platforms, remove their funky 8px spacing and restore our standard 10px spacing around Add-ons Manager richlistbox area. Also, for Greasemonkey in the Fx3.6 Add-ons Manager, make the height of its icon-less commandbar buttons be the same height as other commandbar buttons in the Add-ons Manager.
  • For the Fx3.6 Add-ons Manager, prevent our default action button icons from applying to Greasemonkey's "Create New Script" button.
  • Adjust spacing in header of bookmarks and history sidebars to avoid pixel-shift when switching between them.
  • Update styling for add-on Stylish (version 1.1.2).
  • Update support for GTB (version 7.1.20110316).
  • Modify install.rdf to allow use of NNL with ChatZilla as stand-alone XULRunner app. See http://chatzilla.rdmsoft.com/xulrunner/ .
2011-04-19       NNL Version 0.6.20110419 Released to AMO
2011-04-18       New in this version:
  • For about:sessionrestore on the Mac, change the way we apply spacing around the buttons at the bottom to handle the way button order is reversed on the Mac.
  • Mozilla add-on Test Pilot completely breaks the prefwindow side image by using important on a rule setting margin on paneSelector (which should instead be restricted to only apply to the Test Pilot window), so we use important too.
  • For Fx4 on the Mac, with the new Add-ons Bar toolbar, reserve some space for the system-drawn OSX window resizer.
  • For Fx4 and Linux only, make Firefox button styling persist while customizing (and not respond to hover and/or active states).
  • Updates subskin glowy-orange-menu-highlights-1 to work with the new Fx4 Firefox button menu.
  • For add-on Webmail Notifier, style the sidebar.
2011-04-15       New in this version:
  • For add-on FireFTP, use our SSL bucket icon (OK, padlock) instead of theirs in the remote identity popup.
  • Handle Bug 554937 - Arrow panels. Adds styling for arrowpanel as generic element as well as for specific cases of in-url-bar notifications (the identity panel), the Edit Bookmarks panel, in-content invalid form input notification, and FireFTP's remote-address identity panel.
2011-04-12       New in this version:
  • For Mozilla add-on Add-ons Collector (formerly Bandwagon) restore NNL-specific styling when used with Fx4. Keeping Fx3.6 support as well. This bring us up to date with Add-ons Collector version 2.0.1.
  • For the Add-ons Manager (both Fx3.6 and Fx4), replace the existing "Get Add-ons" icon with one more in NNL style, since "cardboard box" is not part of our UI metaphor.
  • More Fx4 Add-ons Manager layout improvements:
    • save space by not setting height on the header, making it a little less tall
    • better alignment and spacing around the message headers
    • improve visual grouping of the sorter buttons in search results by using less space between sorter buttons and more space before the group of them.
  • For add-on NewsFox, restore popup context menu background color (in feed list, feed item list, toolbar).
  • For add-on FireFTP, update support for the latest versions (1.0.10 on Fx3.6, with no upgrade path for 3.6 users, and 1.99.3 on Fx4).
2011-04-07       New in this version:
  • For Linux, to fix the problem of both the Firefox button and the menubar showing, make our binding not apply when menubar[autohide]. Previously, this selector was applying too generally, i.e. when the Firefox button is shown, and was blowing away toolbar.xml#toolbar-menubar-autohide from xul.css.
  • For the Fx4 Add-ons Manager on Linux, make the More-button-as-icon work. xul.css can hide the icon with display: none based on :-moz-system-metric(images-in-buttons), so we override that with a higher-specificity selector.
  • Add styling for the Firefox button on Linux. Fx4 only.
  • For Linux, add styling to the Firefox button (appmenu button) popup. Fx4 only.
  • For the Stylish edit style window when opened from the Fx4 Add-ons Manager, switch from using @-moz-document url() to url-prefix() since the edit window url has the style id on the end.
  • Minor spacing tune-up for the Fx4 About Firefox window.
2011-04-04       New in this version:
  • To fix problem with browsertabs on the Mac only where the -moz-border-image middle section isn't stretching all the way, switch to using 'repeat stretch' (on all platforms). Thanks to DMCrimson for catching this and making the fix happen.
  • For Fx4 Add-ons Manager, for the Get Add-ons view, brighten the background color that shows behind the loaded page for better readability. The page has a transparent background and theme colors show through from behind it. The color previously used worked great with the overview page but not so well with pages to which it links.
  • For the Fx4 Add-ons Manager, remove the fakey drop shadow from the Search category icon.
  • For the Fx4 Add-ons Manager, to reduce visual clutter in the busy add-ons list, restyle the More a.k.a. details button as a simple icon, without label and bare of button styling.
  • Some padding and margin improvements in the Fx4 Add-ons Manager, in particular to handle both the cases of with and without the 'Add-on compatibility checking is disabled" warning message across the top of the add-ons list.
  • Remove unused bindings file aboutAddonsBindings.xml.
  • Fix unmatched tag in unused bindings file aboutAddonsBindings.xml.
  • Change packaging to build as NASA Night Launch by default rather than as NightLaunch.NEXT. At the same time, changes the build process to allow optional side-by-side building and side-by-side installation of NNL and NLNEXT.
2011-03-29       NNL Version 0.6.20110329release Released to AMO
2011-03-28       New in this version:
  • When highlighting titlechanged tabs, only do it for apptabs.
2011-03-27       New in this version:
  • For Bug 577096 - App Tabs should indicate change of state in <title>. Already partially handled, we now add final styling for browsertabs with [titlechanged="true"], for both tabsontop and tabsonbottom, for both normal and hovered states. (No need for selected state; titlechanged goes away as soon as you select it.)
  • Remove unused -moz-border-image property/value pairs from browsertab rules. These were left over from previous styling iterations.
  • Give primary toolbarbuttons in the Tabs Toolbar special styling to fit into the space without overlapping the bottom ridge of the toolbar. (Putting toolbarbuttons in the Tabs Toolbar is new for Fx4.)
  • Fix bug where hover and active states weren't showing on the new tab toolbarbutton when in the TabsToolbar.
  • Handle Bug 606909 - Don't put the tab drop indicator above tabs. Because of tabs-on-top, Firefox 4 is switching to putting the tab drop indicator under the tabs. Here we take care of that, using existing file tabDragIndicator-bottom.png which we just happened to have laying around.
  • Remove error-inducing illegal values of -moz-appearance from scrollbars.css. Those values of -moz-appearance have not been supported since Bug 448704 - Eliminate <gripper> as an independent element.
  • A comment-only change that handles binding changes in two bugs. We don't need the binding, but we add the related code, commented out, to show how it's done in the default theme.
    1. Bug 606735 - aero basic tabstrip picking up the wrong color
    2. Bug 635534 - When entering tab candy with an overflowing tab bar and exiting it with not enough tabs to overflow, tab bar remains in overflowing mode (Aero basic only)
  • Comment-only change in wake of bug 555081.
  • Handle Bug 555081 - Can't move the window using the titlebar with custom titlebar drawing or glass areas below the titlebar. Adds toolbar-drag bindings to all toolbars to make the window draggable by toolbars when on MSWindows and using glass. The def theme only does this for toolbars visible over glass, so as to conform to platform UI standards, and for all toolbars when a persona is in use, other than the menubar when revealed with ALT. Because our always-present background gradient is like having a persona in use, and because our styling never shows glass behind a toolbar, we do it the same as the def theme does for the personas case, namely: - always for the menubar, except when the firefox button is shown (avoiding making the menubar draggable when revealed with ALT) - and always for all other toolbars. The code we add here reflects how it's done for Fx4 final and not strictly as done in Bug 555081.
  • Handle Bug 635397 - when tabbar and menubar have unified appearance, tabbar should be just as draggable as menubar
  • Reorganize OS-specific directories and files to provide separate CSS for separate Firefox versions on Linux. We were already doing this for MSWindows (not OSX) but now we're doing it for Linux too. No actual CSS change though.
  • Handle Bug 570012 - Show download progress indicator when installing add-ons. This doorhanger-style popup will show while downloading the add-on, then close and switch to the xpinstall dialog once you have it locally. There's also a new and similar popup that shows when cancelling the add-on install.
  • Add styling for the Fx4 Add-ons Manager "Available Updates" notification badge (the little number on the button on the side that shows how many updates are available). Also, a change to the binding which ends up not being used by our theme.
2011-03-22       New in this version:
  • Updates Panorama/TabCandy/Tab Groups with NNL styling. This is a good first pass but will need revisiting. NAWAPB.
  • For TabCandy, stop using text-shadow.
  • Remove commented-out and unused code from webConsole.css. No change of styling.
  • Final Web Console styling for Fx4.
  • Handle Bug 611795 - Repeated messages in the Web Console should be collapsed into one. Final webconsole styling still pending.
  • Handle Bug 609372 - Better icons and color palette for the Web Console. Taking the styling change, but leaving it incomplete, to be finalized later.
  • Handle Bug 611440 - Smart abbreviation for URLs in the Web Console.
  • For webConsole.css, comment-only change in wake of Bug 605621.
  • For the Fx4 Web Console, no longer use margin between filter buttons, just because it looks better. (NAWAPB)
  • Handle Bug 605621 - Web Console output box should be reskinned. This patch does not yet apply final styling (won't do that until after finishing all the web console bugs) but here we add required layout and selectors for significant Web Console states.
  • Handle Bug 617876 - Fix up theme code from bug 601183 (webConsole.css). This is a simple reorg of existing styling rules. However, to also finish making the commandline work with dynamic height resizing, we finally give in to the fact we can't use border or padding on top/bottom, so we stop doing that. Also removes the commandline's background gradient because it isn't much good without the border. The result is it doesn't much look like a textbox, but we'll have to come back to that.
  • Handle Bug 601183 - Investigate Bespin/Safari-style completion styling for the Web Console. Adds autocomplete functionality to the web console command-line, styling the suggested part at a different brightness to distinguish it from what the user typed.
2011-03-19       New in this version:
  • For Bug 526445 - Rearrange Sync prefs panel - styles the Sync prefpane on Options/Preferences window for the case of having already joined a Sync account but the password and/or sync key have since been changed on some other device on the same account. In this case, the prefpane simply displays a blank pane with the message "Incorrect account name or password" or "Wrong Sync Key" and prompts to Update, Reset or Deactivate This Device. This patch handles this case.
  • Handle Bug 626949 - Sync UI: Style generic change dialogs like the setup and Add a Device wizards. Representation has changed from a dialog to a wizard, so give it the same kind of styling as the Sync Setup wizard. Also, a ride-along target-of-opportunity fix for text links in the Add Device wizard.
  • Handle Bug 601019 - Sync UI: Always show "I have lost my Sync Key" and "Reset Password".
  • Handle Bug 526445 - Rearrange Sync prefs panel. This is where we switch from collapsed but expandable list of syncable items to using richlistbox representation. We drop all richlistbox styling so it just looks like a simple vertical list of checkboxes. This is also where the Manage Accounts buttons turns into a simple button[type="menu"].
  • Handle Bug 623615 - Scrolling by mouse wheel lagged on Add-ons Manager. It is remarkable if enabled smooth scrolling. For Fx4 Add-ons Manager, removes overflow:hidden from #view-port-container to optimize scrolling performance, although may not be an issue for our theme because we're not using rounded corners and border-radius in our styling there. This bug works around an underlying issue in core Gecko layout algorithms.
  • Handle Bug 635608 - Clean up sizemode=normal & disablechrome styling for aero glass. We're taking the associated change and then commenting out that rule entirely and keeping the code, even though commented out, as a placeholder to show that the def theme is sometimes using position: relative here. We're commenting out the code because it's intended to complement the use of negative bottom margin on #TabsToolbar, which we don't do.
  • Handle Bug 633827 - [de] The settings button in the FF button menu is too small for the german entry "Einstellungen" [Actually, there were padding problems with all languages]
  • Handle Bug 633524 - When maximising window with scroll buttons visible, they remain in tab bar (aero glass only). Adds position: relative for some Fx4-specific and MSWindows-specific cases on .scrollbox-innerbox in #TabsToolbar.
2011-03-12       New in this version:
  • For Fx4 app tabs, convert all browsertabs (both Fx3.6 and Fx4, both app tabs and unpinned tabs) to use -moz-border-image, and specifically stop using margin to keep from breaking JS-based layout in Firefox core (tabbrowser.xml method _positionPinnedTabs()), which uses tab width in positioning app tabs but doesn't include horizontal margin in that calculation. Also stop using vertical margin on browsertabs because this also breaks layout of app tabs. Also stop using vertical padding within the .tabbrowser-tab element because it breaks vertical alignment between app tabs and normal unpinned tabs in the case when the tabstrip is overflowing and showing scroll arrows. Also switch to using border-image (and not margin) to lay out the tabstrip scroll arrows because Firefox core uses the width of the one on the right end in positioning app tabs but again doesn't include margin in that calculation. See nlnext.notes.txt dated March 09, 2011, "Understanding App Tabs", for more.
  • For Fx4 TabCandy/Panorama, bulk-import tabview.css from Fx4 RC1 (changeset dated 2011-03-03, imported 2011-03-12)
  • For Fx4 Add-ons Manager, stop using large dots on selected category button because it didn't look that great. Instead, on selected, just use the same dots as on hovered category button.
  • For Fx4 Add-ons Manager, to fix problem where icons from other add-ons (Greasemonkey, Stylish) weren't applying to category buttons, stop using our category button binding and just go with Firefox's own DOM structure. The problem was that those add-ons were using a child selector in their CSS to apply their icons, which didn't match our modified DOM structure. This fixes it.
  • Handle Bug 612053 - clicking a few pixels down from "Plugins" makes "Available Updates" or "Recent Updates" pane appear. For Fx4 Add-ons Manager, removes border from disabled category buttons.
  • For fx4's app tabs, reduce the width by 2px by cutting 1px of padding off each side, just because this looks more pleasing.
  • Use a centered document icon in 16px field for fx4-specific pinned a.k.a. app tabs.
2011-03-04       New in this version:
  • Handle Bug 581361 - Pause and Cancel button of download progress widget not functional. For the Add-ons Manager UI, for the progressmeter that shows when installing an add-on, removes the pause button and makes the cancel button work.
  • Handle Bug 623739 - CPU usage spikes because of animated hidden images. For Add-ons Manager, animated loading throbbers in AOM UI still using CPU even when hidden, so don't just use visibility:hidden, use display:none to kill with fire.
  • Handle Bug 593535 - Failure to download extension causes about:addons to list the addon with no way to restart the download. Minor CSS change to reflect minor change in DOM structure for Add-ons Manager.
  • Handle Bug 631827 - Use CSS to set the "align" and "pack" attributes on Add-ons Manager to make easier for themes to handle items.
  • As follow-up for Bug 628654, lighten the link hover/page loading statuspanel background color to make it better stand out against a dark page and to make it stand out less against a light page, with border colors boosted by the same amount.
  • Handle Bug 596412 - Close button is difficult to see on tabs with dark coloured thumbnails. This is for Tabview/TabCandy/Panorama. Adding close button for use on tabgroups. Will need to give it NNL styling later.
  • Handle Bug 625320 - Move "Tab Groups" to the "list all tabs" menu. Applies existing icon to this new menuitem in the alltabs popup.
  • Change my mind about new edit menu in Firefox app button and go back to consistent left margin (6px) rather than consistent resulting width. Width varies because the wider splitmenu icon makes the corresponding containing menu wider.
  • Follow-up for bug 633656 to make right half identical width across both kinds of split/partial menus.
  • Handle Bug 633656 - When split menus are hovered, both the main item and expansion arrow should display on mouse in.
  • Comment-only change for firefox button edit menu.
  • Bulk-import tabview.css as of 2011-03-02 nightly. Not associated with any specific bug.
  • Handle Bug 590744 - Add an edit sub menu to the Firefox menu. Makes the edit item act like a menu. Adds icons (using existing graphics) to the opened edit submenu. There's an existing problem where the two halves of splitmenus are not highlighting individually, but that's not caused by this patch.
2011-02-27       New in this version:
  • This patch brings us up to date with all titlebar-related changes for Fx4 as of the 2011-02-16 Minefield nightly. (This only impacts Windows, because only on Windows does Firefox draw in the titlebar.) This patch builds on code from several previous patches for the titlebar area. This adds almost all required code for titlebar styling and layout for all Windows cases, including Vista/W7 Aero, Vista/W7 Basic, Vista/W7 Windows Classic, Vista/W7 third-party desktop themes, XP default desktop themes (Luna and friends), XP Windows Classic, and XP third-party desktop themes. Also reduces top margin on browser tabs when in tabsontop to make the titlebar area less tall for the tabsintitlebar case. Still to do: 1) There's still too much space below the Firefox button and below the window caption buttons for tabsintitlebar, but we'll deal with that separately, probably when finalizing tabs-on-top styling. 2) Has not been tested with third-party desktop themes but is expected to work.
    • Bug 513162 - [Windows] Drawing in the Title Bar for the New Firefox Theme (adds underlying support for extending content over window frame)
    • Bug 555081 - Can't move the window using the titlebar with custom titlebar drawing or glass areas below the titlebar
    • Bug 574435 - Turn Firefox Button on by default for Windows Vista/7
    • Bug 574821 - Drawing in the title bar is broken when the window is maximized
    • Bug 575044 - Enabling and Disabling Fullscreen mode produces irregular results with window and controls placement
    • Bug 575228 - When maximizing a window, the menu bar gets pushed down
    • Bug 575493 - When maximized, aero glass drag effects don't extend to the screen edge (window tear off)
    • Bug 575726 - firefox menu sits two pixels too high on the window frame | aero glass
    • Bug 571813 - Firefox button should be hidden in full screen mode
    • Bug 575449 - Firefox Menu Button appears on Javascript PopUp Windows - but Not in the Title bar (Hide the Firefox button in popups)
    • Bug 574454 - Support for rendering themed window frames, titlebar, and caption buttons (adds new -moz-appearance -moz-window-titlebar etc.)
    • Bug 554982 - Add support for borderless glass and remove the borders from the main window
    • Bug 575870 - Implement the firefox button on xp, classic, and aero basic
    • Bug 574833 - Persona theme with disabled menu bar completely covers aero caption buttons (no minimize, maximize, close buttons)
    • Bug 574681 - Tweak appearance of Firefox Button in Title Bar
    • Bug 599241 - Draw accent colour in titlebar until we can draw content in titlebar again
    • Bug 601603 - Latest build enabled D3d10 layer and using "Personas" doesn't show the maximize, minimize, close buttons in the upper right corner
    • Bug 591391 - Support caption buttons clipping for personas with render modes RENDER_IMAGE_STRETCH24 and RENDER_IMAGE_STRETCH32
    • Bug 591392 - Persona theme cover caption buttons during taskbar preview
    • Bug 574859 - Right-clicking the new title bar does not bring up the system menu
    • Bug 593950 - When drawing in the title bar and using Glass, the title bar should be smaller
    • Bug 605806 - black around caption buttons in aero basic theme
    • Bug 605815 - Window's control button (minimize/maximize/close)is shifted to right side when right-clicking title bar.[Aero Basic,Luna]
    • Bug 591930 - Persona background is drawn too high in titlebar [vista basic case]
    • Bug 600986 - Persona background is seen above titlebar (Classic theme)
    • Bug 610201 - Window's Control Button(min/max/close)is wrong shape in Aero Basic
    • Bug 586228 - Frame border doesn't repaint properly when the main window loses focus
    • Bug 610071 - Stretch the app button to match the caption buttons' size
    • Bug 606061 - The border on the download manager doesn't wrap all the way around
    • Bug 611827 - #titlebar-buttonbox shouldn't be stretched to fill the title bar (can cause white border under caption buttons when using a lightweight theme)
    • Bug 610643 - Firefox 4 doesn't render the title bar precisely when maximized in Windows XP
    • Bug 606160 - Topmost and Rightmost pixels of Close, Maximize, don't work
    • Bug 571970 - Main browser chrome should be hidden when viewing in-content UI
    • Bug 616680 - Clean up app button styling in browser-aero.css
    • Bug 610057 - Persona theme overlap caption buttons when opening a new browser window
    • Bug 572160 - Put tabs in the title bar when the window is maximized
    • Bug 575516 - In Fullscreen mode, move caption buttons to top
    • Bug 621152 - personas wrongly aligned at captions buttons
    • Bug 615890 - Reduce Firefox button height in non-maximized windows on Windows XP
    • Bug 623463 - Aero glass highlight effects move around when opening 2 or 3 tabs
    • Bug 624123 - Titlebar too big after leaving full screen if tab groups were used [tabs in titlebar]
    • Bug 624157 - When maximising window, scroll buttons remain in tab bar
    • Bug 595589 - caption buttons are not rendered correctly, and Aero missing
    • Bug 622328 - on window re-size part of Adobe's Acrobat Reader X plugin becomes transparent
    • Bug 622542 - Switching main window between active and inactive doesn't update the title bar active state
    • Bug 629709 - White line of highlight pixels appears above navigation toolbar if the window is maximized
    • Bug 631698 - 1px border visible below active app tabs when there is tab overflow (using Aero Glass with DirectWrite disabled)
    • Bug 633195 - Overflowing tab bar jerks around when selecting the add-ons manager
    • Bug 624470 - Dark pixel sticks out when tabs are in title bar on Windows XP
    • Bug 624129 - A maximized window with tabs in the titlebar isn't easily draggable when there are many open tabs
  • For the Firefox button, decrease the radius of the rounded corners from 4px to 3px. Because we use a 1px border where the default theme uses 2px, we need a smaller radius to get the same visual result.
  • Handle Bug 624129 - A maximized window with tabs in the titlebar isn't easily draggable when there are many open tabs. Adds empty space between window caption buttons and whatever is on their left (tabs, menu-after-pressing-alt, toolbarbutton). This is larger next to the caption buttons than the appmenu button to make it easier to drag and/or aero-snap the toolbar. Unlike the default theme, we use it for all mswindows cases because it's a pain to write a selector to avoid XP and because it's a good idea to provide a drag target in the crowded tabs toolbar for the tabsintitlebar case, whether Firefox is running on a Windows version supporting Aero Snap is possible or not.
  • For bug 615890, sets margin-bottom:5px on #appmenu-button (for the known xp default themes and for zune only), and only when sizemode normal (not maximized, not f11-fullscreen). This bigger bottom margin keeps appmenu button height reasonable in a taller-than-most toolbar.
  • More changes in the wake of bug 572160 and tabsintitlebar. Always use visibility:hidden on #titlebar when tabsintitlebar, so that window bg (whether ours or a persona) always shows through. Also, because hiding #titlebar prevents the windowdragbox binding from working, reapply it to #titlebar-content (the child element of #titlebar) for this case.
  • For the Fx4 Add-ons Manager, sets a larger threshold for height to trigger switching to small category button icons. Now, it switches when the height drops below 700px (along with the separate width trigger); before, it switched when height dropped below 600px. This change is to allow for add-ons which add new category buttons to the Add-ons Manager.
2011-02-15       New in this version:
  • Increase bottom margin for Firefox app button to decrease button height.
  • For TabCandy/Panorama, bulk-import tabview.css from local mozilla-central repo (and not associated with any bug) on 2011-02-15.
  • Handle Bug 573840 - Web Console styling is broken with a Persona. Mods webConsole.css to use text-shadow:none to stop inheritance of persona-specific styling.
  • Handle Bug 430627 - Remove open search notification in primary UI. Comment-only change to note that the feature is no longer available in fx4, and the associated code can be removed after we drop support for Fx3.6.
  • Handle Bug 566154 - text missing from preferences font size pulldown. Comment change only. Will need to revisit this after dropping support for Fx3.6. Read the comment for more.
  • Update 64px key icon with full-sized version. This is used in the password manager doorhanger popup that appears from the urlbar/site icon when saving or changing the saved password for the current site.
  • Handle Bug 631598 - Panorama uses the wrong font on Mac. Makes all platforms use font-family: message-box.
  • Handle Bug 631192 - Overlay with status messages is misaligned with aero glass in non-maximized windows. No code change, because we don't have this problem, but added a comment to point out the issue.
  • For TabCandy/Panorama, bulk-import tabview.css from Minefield Nightly Gecko/20110208 Firefox/4.0b11pre on 2011-02-08.
  • Handle Bug 541656 - Display hyperlink URLs at bottom of window (instead of right side of location bar). With no code change at all, we get this new behavior for free, by virtue of already handling bug 628654. This patch removes the CSS for in-urlbar display of hovered links, previously added for bug 587908.
  • Handle Bug 629923 - statuspanel shouldn't inherit text-shadow. This is for the Personas case.
  • Handle Bug 626071 - Remove unused edit.png. Removes unused in-theme tabcandy file tabview/edit.png .
  • Handle Bug 626099 - Sync setup wizard: No space between links on manual sign in page
  • Handle Bug 617553 - Doorhanger for add-on installation failures inside the AOM has no parent with chrome hidden. This patch handles this specific case, but we still need overall styling for arrowpanels.
  • For Bug 623597 - Properly align layout elements in net inspector when horizontal scrolling is needed - bulk-import webConsole_networkPanel.css for Vista/w7. Still needs to be given NNL styling and tested.
  • Bulk-import tabview.css and new stack-expander.png from Minefield Nightly Gecko/20110202 Firefox/4.0b11pre on 2011-02-05. This will need to be fixed for final.
  • For Fx4 Add-ons Manager, make the category buttons collapse to the smaller size when the window is either narrow and/or short. Before, we only handled short windows, but now we handle both short and narrow.
2011-01-31       New in this version:
  • Handle Bug 589146 - Firefox menu items should display sub-menu on a slightly delayed hover. Deals with change of splitmenu representation (now using .splitmenu-menuitem and .splitmenu-menu), fixing layout problems and problems with font color and weight in the Firefox appmenu popup. Still need to consider visual separation between left and right halves when hovering the left. See Bug 589146 nlnext.notes.txt for more about this.
  • Improve handling of window backgrounds and tabsintitlebar. This is loosely based on Bug 572160 - Put tabs in the title bar when the window is maximized - but there's more to do for that. Makes the titlebar usable in all Vista/7 glass cases, but we still need more attention for non-glass Aero, Windows Classic on Vista/7, XP, and Windows Classic on XP.
  • Handle Bug 628654 - Show connecting / waiting / loading status messages in small overlay on top of content at bottom of screen. It turns out people miss the status message that used to show page loading status in the (now-removed) statusbar, so create a little popup that shows it, overlaying page content. Yet to be tested on Linux and Mac, but expected to work.
  • Handle Bug 622328 - on window re-size part of Adobe's Acrobat Reader X plugin becomes transparent. Sets (an NNL-specific) background color on #appcontent (the element to the right of and parallel to the sidebar). I don't see a difference from this change but doing it anyway to follow the default theme.
  • Just bulk-import tabview.css (as of 2011-01-17 nightly, not tied to any particular bug), fix it later when doing tabcandy.
  • For the Fx4 Add-ons Manager, for category buttons when category name hidden in a short browser window, add extra space on end - and some decoration to fill it - so that icons are not covered when category list scrollbar appears.
  • Handle Bug 602059 - Large screenshots not handled well, and/or no scroll bars on details page. Sets max width and height on detail screenshot.
  • For Fx4 Add-ons Manager category buttons, when category name hidden, use smaller border radius to match the smaller scale of the category button.
  • For Fx4 Add-ons Manager, three changes:
    • Hide category label when the window becomes short, to preserve on-screen space for AOM content that matters more. This is in contrast to the Fx4 default theme, which hides the label based on window width, because we use a vertical orientation for our category label.
    • Enforce min height and width on category icon to keep it from shrinking when the category list gets a scrollbar.
    • When calculating height of category buttons (richlistitems), add a magic 2px to make it taller just because it looks better.
  • For the Fx4 Add-ons Manager, for category icons, use highlight icons when available for hover state and selected state. We don't have highlight versions for all the icons yet because the icon design isn't finalized. Also, separately, when showing release notes for an available update for a disabled add-on, show release notes text at normal text color (rather than dim) so it's readable.
  • Change Fx4 AOM styling to use button-like category selectors. Stops using the binding on AOM that was used to add flex-boxes around category list. Also, now styles the right-side view-pane to look (almost) like the Fx Options window's prefwindow > prefpane.
  • For Fx4 Add-ons Manager, prevent shifting of global warning message when switching between the Detail view and other views.
2011-01-02       New in this version:
  • Add styling to indicate disabled add-ons in the Add-ons Manager.
  • For Personas preferences window, make groupbox title backgrounds match gradient behind them.
  • For Adblock Plus 1.3.2 and up, add styling for the ABP main toolbarbutton specific to its use of binding toolbarbutton.xml#vertical-menu, which it does when toolbars are showing text+icons.
  • In Fx4 Add-ons Manager, for disabled add-ons, set icon opacity at 0.3 rather than 0.5 to do it the same way as with NNL for Fx3.6.
  • In Fx4 Add-ons Manager, maximize the size of the content view when the window is small by hiding the category label and global warning message. Moves the @media rule outside of @-moz-document because @media is ignored when inside @-moz-document.
  • As follow-up for bug 602682, touch up styling for Firefox Sync J-PAKE / Add a Device UI.
  • Handle Bug 601143 - Add loading/failure UI for Add-ons Manager's Get Add-ons
  • Handle Bug 602682 - Sync UI: Implement easy setup. Mods xpi_skins.css to style new throbbers, JPAKE pin display in Sync Setup wizard, JPAKE pin entry in new Add a Device wizard. Leaves unfixed a noticeable pixel shift in the Add Device wizard resulting from the XUL representation.
  • For tab-modal prompts, fix issues with rounded corners and transparency by using a border width greater than the border radius.
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