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This list shows all beta builds of NNL for Firefox 4. The most-recent is shown at the top of the list.

To use one of these beta builds:

  1. Right-click the link and save it to your hard drive.
  2. Drag-and-drop the saved JAR file from your hard drive onto the open Fx3.6 or Fx4 Add-ons Manager.
  3. Restart Firefox to use the new theme.

Date    Link    Version Notes
2012-12-20       NNL Version 0.6.20121209 Released to AMO
2012-12-20       New in this version:
  • For Firebug 1.10 through 1.11.1, fix a light-on-light problem in the Orion-based Console command box in Firebug.
  • For Fx20, handle Bug 788977 - [toolbox] Land the developer tools window. In general, this bug rearranges all devtools in browser UI so that they're now in a single tabbed pane, so that you're only looking at one major tool (Web Console, Debugger, Inspector, Style Editor) at a time, instead of allowing you to see all of them at the same time. As part of this, we split layoutview.css into appver-specific files, and add new appver-specific-inspector.css and appver-specific-toolbox.css. Several new files and icons are added. The icons all still need hover and active states, yet to be added. Also, now that we're only supporting Fx17 and up, we remove some code specific to Fx16 and down, including 1) Fx4-era Inspector/Highlighter; 2) resizers in the Inspector Toolbar; 3) the veil incarnation of the Highlighter; 4) the Inspector Option (Gear) toolbarbutton.
  • Standardize on dimmer color for placeholder text for older Fx versions.
2012-12-09       New in this version:
  • For Fx20, create an Fx20-specific appver directory, and populate it by copying Fx19-specific files to start.
  • Bump minVersion to Fx17 in install.rdf, dropping support for Fx16 and down.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 737786 - Switch from :-moz-placeholder to ::-moz-placeholder (pseudo-class to pseudo-element).
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 556145 - Placeholder text default style should use opacity instead of GrayText.
  • For Fx19 and up, handle Bug 785134 - Update jsb to fix various bugs.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 766133 - [gcli] selected text looks bad.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 801277 - prevent the resizer graphic being scaled by page zoom.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 787981 - Use LongStringActor in the Web Console actors.
  • For devtools close buttons, adjust padding to allow space for 11x11 image region, to not vertically compress the icon within a 16x16 toolbarbutton.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 727429 - Add support for watch expressions to the debugger.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 808372 - After Bug 807222, the variables view feels sluggish when expanding some nodes.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 740825 - Implement conditional breakpoints.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 808988 - The stackframes and breakpoints containers should have a min and max height.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 794823 - Refactor and move the debugger's PropertyView in shared, so that it can replace PropertyPanel.jsm soon. This adds .variable[non-header] and .property[non-header].
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 798874 - The variables view should be filterable. This allows searching in the devtools debugger for variables and properties by name and value.
  • For Fx19 and Bug 707302 - Optimize and refactor the debugger frontend to use constructors instead of attached functions to DOM nodes - make exception background and color the same as for the Web Console error count in the Developer Toolbar.
  • For the devtools debugger, slightly reduce the height of the debugger control buttons (play, step, etc.) in the debugger toolbar.
  • In the devtools debugger, make the dividing line between files in multi-file search results less prominent.
  • For Fx19 and Bug 707302 - Optimize and refactor the debugger frontend to use constructors instead of attached functions to DOM nodes - a couple follow-up sizing changes.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 790216 - Optimize global search results.
  • For Fx19 and Bug 796148 - Implement a 'gear menu' - make sure the gear menu toolbarbutton remains borderless in all UI states.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 707302 - Optimize and refactor the debugger frontend to use constructors instead of attached functions to DOM nodes. This is a massive rewrite of debugger JS, but fortunately DOM changes are limited. This mostly restores styling for existing UI elements in their new representations, and adds styling for the few new elements. As part of this, adds styling for exceptions shown in the debugger.
  • For Fx19 and Bug 707302 - Optimize and refactor the debugger frontend to use constructors instead of attached functions to DOM nodes - split debugger.css into appver-specific files.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 804575 - Implement a way of keeping the debugger panes always visible.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 796148 - Implement a 'gear menu'. This adds a toolbarbutton and menu to the debugger toolbar for setting options. We add new icon option-icon.png, which is an exact duplicate of inspector-option-icon.png, but we keep both for the benefit of notional add-on compatibility until we drop older Firefox versions.
  • For the devtools debugger, move the close button to the start of the debugger toolbar, for consistency with other toolbars.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 751836 - After stepping in the debugger, any open nodes in the property view are collapsed.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 805217 - Remove duplicate menuitems when Tools is accessed using the keyboard. This adds login status menuitems (for Facebook Messenger) to the Tools menu in the menubar.
  • For Fx19 and Bug 797424 - move stripes-info-negative-small.png from toolkit to browser - rename the file from stripes-info-negative-small.png to click-to-play-warning-stripes.png, as in the default theme.
  • For Fx19 and Bug 797424 - move stripes-info-negative-small.png from toolkit to browser. We don't use this file, but we're keeping it for extension compatibility.
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 793275 - Add findbar events that can be intercepted. This shows a throbber in the findbar in some cases while searching. We add searching_16.png (formerly used for the awesomebar searching throbber).
  • For Fx19, handle Bug 711723 - Move the timestamp in the Error console to the left and on the same line as message text.
2012-11-25       New in this version:
  • For Fx18, handle Bug 779732 - Make search operations in the debugger more intuitive. Previously, searching in the devtools debugger allowed use of '!' operator to search script names; this bug adds UI to do the same thing in a popup that opens when clicking the debugger search field, adding both prompts (! to search on filename, # to search in current file, : to jump to line number) and buttons to do the same things.
  • For Fx18 and Bug 789364 - Light theme for markup panel, orion, and rule view - in the Markup View, set the same color for text nodes as we were using for Fx17.
  • For Fx18, handle Bug 789364 - Light theme for markup panel, orion, and rule view (patch part 5) - and Bug 797270 - markup view background should be white. This adds NNL-specific styling to the new classes.
  • For Fx18, handle Bug 789364 - Light theme for markup panel, orion, and rule view. Patch part 4, adding a warning comment to appver-specific-common.css.
  • For Fx18, handle Bug 789364 - Light theme for markup panel, orion, and rule view. Patch part 3, adding appver-specific-markup-view.css.
  • For Fx18, handle Bug 789364 - Light theme for markup panel, orion, and rule view. Patch part 2, moving existing appver-specific-csshtmltree.css into new appver-specific devtools directory.
  • For Fx18, handle Bug 789364 - Light theme for markup panel, orion, and rule view. Patch part 1, adding an appver-specific devtools directory and appver-specific-common.css.
  • For Fx18, handle Bug 792387 - Rule view should highlight which sections of a css selector matches an element. In the CSS Inspector, dims out the parts that aren't matching.
  • For Fx18, handle Bug 741576 - Style tweaks for Computed view.
  • Change default statusbar styling to have a top border.
  • For Fx18, handle Bug 760951 - Add a filter box to the error console
  • For Fx18, handle Bug 763821 - Error console looks wonky on OS X
  • For Fx18, handle Bug 799081 - Bar at the bottom of the error console should be a statusbar
2012-11-20       New in this version:
  • Bump maxVersion to 20.0a1.
  • For Fx17 and Bug 760607 - Update the Downloads Panel visual design - add padding at the end of the download item for the case of scanning a finished download, in which case the button and its icon are hidden. The padding prevents the progressmeter from bumping up on the end of the richlistitem.
  • For Fx17, handle Bug 760607 - Update the Downloads Panel visual design. This restores hover highlighting to items in the Downloads Panel popup.
  • In Night Launch Companion, bump maxVersion to 20.0a1.
2012-11-15       NNL Version 0.6.20121115 Released to AMO
2012-11-14       New in this version:
  • For Fx17, handle Bug 781974 - Unapplied property checkbox disappears when property is no longer hovered. The "enable property" checkbox is not supposed to be hidden if it's been unchecked, but was hidden (see bug 712469); this fixes it so it remains visible, even if not hovered, if unchecked.
  • For Fx17, handle Bug 712469 - Inspector Rule View selectors can be more visually scannable. Among other things, this hides the "enable property" checkbox in the CSS Inspector's Rules View until you hover the associated property.
  • For Fx17, make the Social API toolbarbuttons have the same size and appearance in all toolbar modes.
  • For Fx17, make Social API toolbarbuttons look decent in toolbar modes text-only and text+icons.
  • For Fx17 and up, add NNL styling for social API UI. (We still need styling for toolbar modes other than icons-only.) This handles all social API bugs landed through Fx17 beta 4, including the following.
    • Bug 771826 - implement toolbar ui
    • Bug 765874 - Implement v1 of recommend/like share button
    • Bug 764869 - determine simple solution for activation of a social provider
    • Bug 777104 - don't set a background color in the provider menu dropdown, since it clashes with the rest of the dropdown, r=dao
    • Bug 776135 - Social toolbar styling on Windows. r=gavin
    • Bug 776431 - Share panel profile information doesn't appear in the first window, doesn't look great on Mac. r=gavin
    • Bug 770433 - Update borders and background of alert (toast) notifications on Windows. ui-r=shorlander r=dao
    • Bug 776726 - followup: use background, not background-color, to override default styling, r=oops
    • Bug 777175 - fix sidebar splitter styling.
    • Bug 779686 - implement docked chat content areas
    • Bug 779923 - implement activity flyout panel
    • Bug 785593 - Make the chatboxes larger and with a small gap between each one
    • Bug 784272 - Docked chat boxes should not overlap vertical top-level scrollbars
    • Bug 780987 - Call social.user-recommend-prompt during initialization of the Social API functionality
    • Bug 774725 - Remove extra height associated with Social API toolbar button on Windows
    • Bug 791901 - Social provider should provide more strings for the share popup.
    • Bug 788589 - Use information icon for logged out users and don't show generic buddy icon when logged in
    • Bug 793354 - Small chat icons are stretched by XUL layout
    • Bug 783687 - Use custom event in the chat box to update the titlebar
    • Bug 790112 - fix social toolbar button styling so that separate "sub-buttons" are visually distinct
    • Bug 788589 - generic buddy icon appears in profile section when logged in
    • Bug 766616 - proper ui on transport failures
    • Bug 798753 - Visual polish for social provider user menu on OS X
    • Bug 794640 - Clicking a link in social content panels should close the panel.
    • Bug 803880 - vertical separator between buttons in social toolbar cause hovered buttons to appear to have a double wide right border
    • Bug 803775 - chat window title bar blurry
    • Bug 798124 - Chat titlebar and chat menubutton UI issues
    • Bug 801040 - Add Social API status-area menuitems to the keyboard accessible Social API menu
    • Bug 803336 - SocialAPI Toolbar button needs 4 pixels of padding in toolbar
    • Bug 804068 - Don't set the share icon as the background image on the share button
    • Bug 803514 - Like button is too close to the bookmark star
    • Bug 805989 - Icons in the overflow chat menu are incorrectly sized
    • Bug 803704 - Lighten SocialAPI sidebar and chat borders from #000000 black to #cccccc
    • Bug 803344 - poor discoverability of the enable/disable menu item for Social API
    • Bug 805474 - chatbar title styling isn't compatible with high-contrast themes
    • Bug 804910 - handle worker load failures
  • In extensions.css, remove an unused property-value pair.
  • For Fx17, update Social API rules for parity with (other than some social toolbarbutton styling) Fx17 beta 4. Still needs NNL styling.
  • For Fx17, establish baseline Social API styling. This is on par with Fx17 beta 3, although some rules for the social toolbar button have been omitted, since they'll need reworking for NNL toolbarbuttons anyway.
  • For Fx17, handle Bug 766616 - proper ui on transport failures. This adds error-handling UI (about:socialerror) for Social integration. This establishes baseline styling, but may still need NNL-ish color tweaks.
  • For Fx17, handle Bug 786125 - alert showing/hiding animation is janky (nsIAlertsService).
  • For Fx17, handle Bug 796111 - Adjust design of nsIAlertService windows to match notification design.
2012-10-29       New in this version:
  • For Fx17 and Bug 793338 - click-to-play: implement multiple plugin doorhanger ui (vulnerability status bits) - stop using the error stripes in the click-to-play plug-ins doorhanger. Also give extensions/stripes-info-negative-small.png NNL styling anyway, even though we're not using it. Also add plugins/pluginPatternBg.onlight.png, derived from pluginPatternBg.png, identical to and the source for stripes-info-negative-small.png.
  • For Fx17, in the click-to-play plug-in doorhanger, use a lower-contrast font color for the blocked message, so that plug-in name stands out more.
  • For Fx17, handle the following click-to-play plug-in doorhanger-related bugs:
    • Bug 754472 - click-to-play: implement multiple plugin doorhanger ui
    • Bug 793338 - click-to-play: implement multiple plugin doorhanger ui (vulnerability status bits)
    • Bug 797334 - Click-to-play plugin activation panel: panel background doesn't match panel arrow color on Windows, arrow lacks border on Linux
  • In the Plug-in Finder Service dialog, in the list of available plug-ins, use the on-light checkbox check.
  • For Fx18 and up, handle Bug 793366 - Add noise to the white background used for transparent images in image documents. This restores the dark background when viewing stand-alone images.
  • For Fx18, handle Bug 768442 - It's impossible to add a sidebar inside a tab. This changes the representation of the Responsive Design Mode UI, although it doesn't change how it looks or works.
2012-10-22       NNL Version 0.6.20121022 Released to AMO
2012-10-15       New in this version:
  • Bump maxver to 19.0a1.
  • Update Firefox's devtools debugger with NNL styling for Fx15 through Fx17. Does not yet include RTL styling (although neither does the Firefox default theme). Some fine-tuning to follow, but this is everything needed for a usable and attractive debugger. This revision is based on changes in Firefox from the following bugs.
    • For Fx13, Bug 697762 - Land the debugger in m-c.
    • For Fx13, Bug 718816 - Orion upstream update (with debugger ruler support code).
    • For Fx13, Bug 707987 - Ability to set breakpoints in the Source Editor (orion).
    • For Fx13, Bug 712581 - Display the property details in the debugger using transitions.
    • For Fx13, Bug 723047 - Stack frames should display the location next to the function name.
    • For Fx14, Bug 731721 - Source Editor stepping support.
    • For Fx15, Bug 692409 - Add a pretty resizer and the dark theme to the debugger.
    • For Fx15, Bug 723062 - Allow the user to edit the value of a debuggee object's property in the debugger.
    • For Fx15, Bug 724229 - Briefly flash the variables that changed between pauses.
    • For Fx15, Bug 753313 - Some divs and spans are created dynamically in debugger-view.
    • For Fx15, Bug 723059 - Replace text with icons in the debugger toolbar.
    • For Fx15, Bug 755346 - Global variables are not displayed in the debugger frontend.
    • For Fx15, Bug 740482 - Create nice breakpoint icons for the SourceEditor in the Debugger.
    • For Fx15, Bug 759803 - Remove padding and add side-splitters to common.css in Debugger.
    • For Fx15, Bug 758683 - Change the pause icon to a play icon in the debugger toolbar.
    • For Fx15, Bug 752834 - UI tweaks for the property view.
    • For Fx15, Bug 753677 - Visually distinguish between configurable, enumerable and writable properties.
    • For Fx15, Bug 761231 - Font for the Debugger panels should be message-box.
    • For Fx15, Bug 760868 - Gmail includes scripts names that make the debugger script list too long.
    • For Fx16, Bug 761174 - Always show a property tooltip. In the devtools debugger, now always shows all properties in the tooltip, with strikethrough on those which are not set.
    • For Fx16, Bug 723071 - Add a pane to display the list of breakpoints across all scripts in the debuggee.
    • For Fx16, Bug 767377 - The filtering textbox expands when entering a string. This fixes a Windows-specific problem with layout of the devtools debugger search box.
    • For Fx17, Bug 771481 - 'No scripts.' should be displayed in the dropdown when there are no scripts matching the search string. Sets a min-width on the debugger scripts menulist. We take this fix for all Firefox versions.
    • For Fx17, Bug 777093 - Long script urls still confuse the debugger menulist.
    • For Fx17, Bug 766054 - [debugger] experiment with collapsed panels. This adds a debugger toolbar button with which to collapse/restore the two side panels in the devtools debugger UI.
    • For Fx17, Bug 774788 - free text search across all scripts.
  • In Night Launch Companion, bump maxver to 19.0a1.
2012-09-28       New in this version:
  • Minor color changes for the devtools debugger.
  • For Fx15, fix a problem with spacing within Developer Toolbar toolbarbuttons. We were reserving space for toolbarbutton icons, but icons aren't used there until Fx16 and up.
  • For Fx17, handle Bug 770818 - [inspector] highlighter v3. Replaces the veil+outline used when selecting an element to inspect with an outline alone.
  • For Fx17, handle Bug 776875 - GCLI: Move existing GCLI commands into JSMs. Adds new in-theme file devtools/commandline.css, which simply imports existing devtools/gcli.css.
  • For Fx17, handle Bug 777011 - [webconsole] implement the dark theme for the webconsole toolbar.
  • For Fx17, handle Bug 777085 - A new markup panel. For the HTML Inspector, this bug changes the representation of the HTML/Mark-up tree and gives it the devtools-standard dark styling.
  • For Fx17, handle Bug 688981 - Place the web console in its own iframe.
  • For Fx17, handle Bug 775225 - Unprefix -moz-calc in browser. There's no required change since both the old and new forms are still supported; however, in anticipation of the day when the old form no longer works, we create duplicate properties so we have both the old and new forms.
  • Fix a typo (missing units on padding value) in colorpicker.onlight.css.
  • Fix a typo with comment closing in debugger.css.
2012-09-17       NNL Version 0.6.20120915 Released to AMO
2012-09-09       New in this version:
  • For Fx15 and up on OSX Lion and up, handle Bug 714186 - Add padding to top of windows when fullscreen on Lion. This makes room at the top of the window when in fullscreen mode on Lion so the bump-to-show desktop menubar doesn't cover over the tabstrip.
  • For Fx16, handle Bug 769095 - Enforce maximum icon size for nsIAlertsService's notification.
  • For Fx16, handle Bug 761169 - [responsive mode] The resizers are not easy to discover. Upgrades the resizer icons to make them more visible.
  • For Fx16 and up, handle Bug 760625 - use the blocklist to inform click-to-play plugins.
  • Whitespace-only change in pluginProblem.css to remove excess indentation.
  • Use NNL background color for the HTML Inspector's new mark-up tree view.
  • Switch to using url-prefix() rather than just url() in @-moz-document checks for FireFTP rules. This is a work-around for the fact sometimes the FireFTP screen when shown in a tab is displayed with a URL having the URL fragment # on the end.
  • For Fx16, handle Bug 771555 - GCLI needs a addon, resize, restart, cookie and pagemanip commands.
  • For Fx16, handle Bug 737873 - Implement mixed content highlighting in the web console.
  • For Fx8's Bug 662807 - Error bubbles for multiline messages in console look silly - change our .webconsole-msg-repeat selectors to work in the selected and selected + focused states.
  • Upgrade icon for debugger toolbarbutton in Developer Toolbar.
  • For Fx15 and up, handle Bug 641892 - Support showing multiple popup notification icons at the same time. This increases the horizontal space between popup notification icons showing in the urlbar, for the case when there are more than one of them.
2012-08-28       New in this version:
  • For the Developer Toolbar error count, use the same margin between the counter and the label as with the toolbarbutton icon to avoid pixel-shifting when turning the counter on or off.
  • For Fx17, handle Bug 777085 - A new markup panel. This changes the representation of the HTML Inspector's HTML tree view and gives it the devtools dark styling. Checking in as a baseline; still needs NNL styling.
  • Handle Bug 731972 - GCLI selection field should be clear when more options exist, and allow you to get them.
  • Bump maxver to 18.0a1.
  • For Fx17, handle Bug 765564 - [devtb] Add a DevTools menu to the developer toolbar. Also updates the icons for Developer Toolbar toolbarbuttons.
  • For Fx16, handle Bug 764555 - [devtb] Implement the style for the buttons in the developer toolbar - and Bug 764746 - [devtb] style the error counter.
  • For add-on Stylish, use on-light styling for the "Turn styles on" button in the notification bar that shows in Manage Styles dialog and in the Stylish sidebar when all styles are turned off.
  • For Fx17 and up, handle Bug 725286 - Plugin placeholder text for the unsupported platforms is misleading.
  • Handle Bug 772228 - Fix: Searchbox is no longer cutoff when resizing the window to be too small in Panorama
  • For the checkered background shown for hovered stand-alone images (letting you see the boundaries of images with transparency), use an even-darker checkerboard to keep it from standing out too much.
  • Handle Bug 683954 - [Layout] Implement an abstract view of the layout of the selected node. This adds NNL styling for the "Layout View" of the inspected node shown when using the devtools Inspector, with the Styles sidebar open.
  • Add styling for the Developer Toolbar and finish all GCLI-related bugs for Fx15. This handles all of the following bugs: Bug 720641 - Integrate GCLI into developer tools global toolbar.; Bug 756888 - Rollup of a bunch of small GCLI changes; Bug 726986 - GCLI help output should be better; Bug 744982 - Decide whether GCLI in the global toolbar should be fixed direction:ltr or not; and Bug 756890 - Fix an easy set of GCLI/Developer Toolbar display issues. Also adds an upper border on the Inspector Toolbar to match the border on the new Developer Toolbar.
  • In Night Launch Companion, bump maxver to 18.0a1.
  • In Night Launch Companion, add a tooltip showing current theme to the (developer-oriented and off-by-default) packaging mode statusbar panel.
2012-08-13       NNL Version 0.6.20120813 Released to AMO
2012-08-13       New in this version:
  • Add the icon file for the Fx16 Developer Toolbar. This isn't yet used, and still needs NNL styling.
  • For add-on RestartButton, add NNL styling for the toolbarbutton.
  • Handle Bug 491636 - -moz-user-focus:normal for selected tabs should be set consistently and in the content stylesheet. This fixes a problem that first surfaces in Fx15 following the landing of Bug 743877 - tab switching shouldn't occur off a timeout - where, after switching tabs by clicking a different tab with a mouse, arrow keys no longer scroll within the content area as they should and spacebar no longer pages down.
2012-08-04       New in this version:
  • For Fx15, handle Bug 745961 - Hard to find the clickable region for adding a new CSS property in the Style Inspector. Because this is a version-specific change, we modify chrome.manifest to add new directory appver/fx15, duplicating and modifying existing app-version-specific files.
  • For Fx15, handle Bug 733747 - Highlight changed items in the rule view.
  • For Fx15 and Bug 726444 - Implement the Downloads Panel - style the popup part of the Downloads Panel. Leaving the toolbarbutton part todo since this doesn't seem to be on track for users until fx16 or fx17 at the earliest.
  • For stand-alone images viewed in tabs, use a darker checkerboard for the hover-state background.
  • In Night Launch Companion, improve status page message phrasing for XPI/JAR.
  • In Night Launch Companion, add optional statusbar display of theme and Companion package mode, controlled by new pref extensions.nightlaunchcompanion.showStatusBarInfo (default off). There's no UI for controlling this, other than the pref, since this is a developer-oriented feature. Also move some functions shared with the status page into common.jsm, and add CSS for the status page.
2012-07-28       New in this version:
  • Comment-only change for Fx15's Bug 673873 - display placeholder when focusing an empty input - which cannot be addressed by in-theme CSS. We handle this in Companion instead, where we can apply it with the Stylesheet Service as a user-agent sheet.
  • For Bug 756759 - Remove gnomestripe's non-native fallback styling for toolbarbuttons - delete unused Lighten.png.
  • In Night Launch Companion, use correct DOCTYPE (window) for log.xul.
  • In Night Launch Companion, add a developer-oriented status page showing whether the current theme and Companion are being loaded from a packaged XPI/JAR or being live-loaded from file.
  • In Night Launch Companion, for Fx15's Bug 673873 - display placeholder when focusing an empty input - fix the placeholder's cursor color by using the Stylesheet Service to apply our styling as a user-agent sheet. Adds new pref extensions.nightlaunchcompanion.fixPlaceholderCursorColor, defaulting true. There is no UI since we always want to apply this fix for Fx15 and up.
2012-07-18       New in this version:
  • For Bug 765874 - Implement v1 of recommend/like share button - add baseline support. Still needs NNL styling.
  • For Bug 771826 - implement toolbar ui - add baseline support for the social toolbar and panels. Still needs NNL styling.
  • Handle several bugs together, all of which unprefix previously-prefixed CSS properties. 1) Bug 772460 - Replace '-moz-transition' with 'transition' in browser/ 2) Bug 772456 - Replace '-moz-transition' with 'transition' in toolkit/ 3) Bug 772462 - Replace '-moz-transform' with 'transform' in toolkit/. These bugs landed for Fx16, and because we support older versions, we use both the old prefixed version and the new unprefixed ones.
  • Update maxVersion to 17.0a1.
  • Handle Bug 749626 - Theme update: make the close button code generic and implement the dark theme for menulists. This also reverts to def theme styling for the entire debugger, other than the Orion part, so we can make a usable release. We'll come back to the debugger when we're ready to finish all of it at once.
  • For add-on Tab Mix Plus version, adjust styling of its Options/Preferences window. As part of this we remove some old old NASA Normal code from global/preferences.css .. surprising it lasted this long.
  • Some minor changes for the Firefox Debugger. Checking in as a benchmark, but expecting to reverse them immediately.
  • For the Firefox built-in debugger, update CSS and icons for parity with the default theme (as of Bug 760868 - Gmail includes scripts names that make the debugger script list too long) as a baseline. NNL styling to follow.
  • In Night Launch Companion, update maxVersion to 17.0a1.
2012-07-12       New in this version:
  • Handle Bug 761489 - New addon page overflows when text is wrapped. Sets overflow: visible in newaddon.css.
  • Handle Bug 749520 - Use new mozHasAudio API to let users know that the video being watched does not have an audio track.
  • Handle Bug 749628 - Implement a Responsive Design tool. Added basic NNL styling but could do more; may come back to this after handling all fx15 devtools changes.
  • Upgrade the "identity" icon shown next to Sync username in the Options/Preferences prefwindow and in in-content preferences. (This is only visible when the Firefox profile is signed up to use Sync.)
  • Handle Bug 754133 - Set the background of standalone images to white. We now show a #ff/#cc checkerboard as the hover-state background.
  • In Add-ons Manager, reduce the size of the largest fonts (add-on name in detail view) to match the size of the largest font used in about:preferences.
  • Handle Bug 733473 - Implement initial prerequisites for in-content preferences, and landing page. This adds NNL styling to about:preferences.
  • Handle Bug 317190 - Change "Check Now" to "Set Firefox as the default browser". This increases the height of the prefwindow, so we increase the height of the Options/Preferences side image to match.
  • Handle Bug 687958 - I'm unable to keyboard to "continue anyway" from the untrusted site page. This bug changes the representation of the two expander buttons in about:certerror to make them reachable by tabbing, for accessibility and keyboard users. Here we restore the appearance of the buttons as expanders.
  • For the Options > Content > Colors.. prefwindow, use proper caption background colors.
  • Add hover-state styling to the Options window's Sync category icon. Modifies existing Options-sync.png.
  • For Bug 733473 - Implement initial prerequisites for in-content preferences, and landing page - check in a baseline version of the new in-theme file in-content/preferences.css. NNL styling still to come.
  • Handle Bug 716107 - Add UI to approve DOM fullscreen entry.
2012-07-04       New in this version:
  • Handle Bug 764755 - Remove the aero glass style border of arrow panels and reduce the arrow size. Removes the element .panel-inner-arrowcontent from the arrowpanel DOM structure. We shift to using border-image for non-default (i.e., dark on light) arrowpanel styling.
2012-06-29       New in this version:
  • Change the background color of the node layout view in the HTML Inspector to not stand out so badly. This is a quick fix in the wake of Bug 683954 until we can give it the full NNL styling treatment.
  • Upgrade styling of the HTML Inspector's Options button. (See Bug 724509.) Give it the same surround styling as the other Inspector toolbarbuttons, and use -moz-box-ordinal-group to position it after the HTML Tree toolbarbutton instead of in front of the Inspect toolbarbutton, because the Inspect toolbarbutton is more important and gets used more and so should come first.
  • For extensions/utilities.png, strip the in-image PNG color profile, because that's how all our images should be.
  • Handle Bug 724509 - Add an Option menu in the Inspector Toolbar.
  • Restore checked-state styling for the devtools Inspect (select node) button in the devtools toolbar. For Fx15, the underlying JS changed from setting the [checked] attribute only when true to setting it all the time, to either true or false. Updated our CSS accordingly.
  • Handle Bug 713643 - [css3-background] fix followup issues from bug 497995 and unprefix border-image property. Bug 713643 changes the syntax and semantics of -moz-border-image (among other changes, renaming it to border-image, although still allowing -moz-border-image as an alias). This NNL patch restores browsertab styling for all supported Firefox versions (noticeable with Fx15 and up).
2012-06-27       NNL Version 0.6.20120627 Released to AMO
2012-06-27       New in this version:
  • Handle Bug 766985 - Don't show the warning triangle icon for sites with mixed content. For Firefox 14, as in Firefox itself, stops showing the mixed-content warning icon in the mixed-SSL-and-non-SSL case, just showing the generic-state icon instead.
2012-06-26       New in this version:
  • Handle Bug 717916 - Add an Inspect button and a node menu to the infobar.
2012-06-23       New in this version:
  • For Bug 683954 - [Layout] Implement an abstract view of the layout of the selected node - include the new in-theme assets as a baseline. Still needs NNL styling.
  • Handle Bug 717922 - In the PageInspector toolbar, move the HTML Tree button in front of the breadcrumbs display. Changes the HTML button to the Mark-Up button, and gives it an icon rather than a label.
  • Handle Bug 735214 - [inspector] Give the focus to the toolbar and make the buttons tabbable.
2012-06-21       New in this version:
  • Add support for QuickRestart 2.
  • Handle Bug 667586 - Clear identity block when typing a different URL into location bar. Now always displays the generic globe icon when page state is invalid (e.g., with a new and empty tab and when editing URL for a tab with a loaded page). Also make the invalid-state generic globe icon dimmer, with reduced opacity.
  • One more time: adjust left margin on "Switch to tab:".
  • Handle Bug 759299 - Remove identity-box-inner and page-proxy-stack. We move our spacing and styling from the removed nodes to the surviving nodes.
  • Remove extra space on left side of "Switch to tab:" so it doesn't noticably shift position relative to normal URL.
  • Remove extra space between "Switch to tab:" and the matching URL (when showing the URL of another tab matching user-entered text).
  • When vertically positioning urlbar text, use descendant (not child) selector because Status-4-Evar inserts extra elements between #urlbar and input.autocomplete-textbox.
  • Upgrade the identity block icons for EV and mixed cases.
  • Handle Bug 747090 - Add location bar icons for mixed content - and Bug 755429 - Mixed content icon draws too much attention. Adds a triangle warning icon to the identity box for pages for which the content is partly SSL and partly non-SSL. This completes identity block styling for Fx14, although we're still using the globe icon for the generic state and we'd like to do better.
  • Handle Bug 742419 - Implement new identity block design. Adds new icon files identity-icons-generic.png, identity-icons-https.png, and identity-icons-https-ev.png.
  • As preparation for handling Fx14 identity block changes, split out existing identity block rules from browser.css into new imported file appver-specific-browser.css, and make chrome.manifest point to Fx14-and-up-specific versions of this file. Does not yet include identity block styling for Fx14.
  • Update minVersion in install.rdf to drop support for Fx11 and down.
  • As part of dropping support for Fx11 and down, remove use of #page-proxy-deck (specific to Fx2), #page-proxy-button (Fx2) and #usrbar-throbber (Fx10 and Bug 702926).
  • Handle Bug 731721 - Source Editor stepping support. Baseline; still needs NNL styling.
  • Handle Bug 746859 - Add a play icon to the click-to-play placeholder.
  • Handle Bug 711618 - implement basic click to play permission model.
  • One more for bug 744964.
  • Handle Bug 744964 - Plugin click-to-play popup notification icon should use the plugin icon, not the add-on icon.
  • Handle Bug 711552 - Click to play plugins for desktop Firefox.
  • Handle Bug 687265 - Front-end support for flash on Android Fennec. (The bug title says it's for mobile, but it touches theme code shared by desktop.)
  • Remove stray BOM from install.rdf. (See scripts/checkbom.pl.)
  • install.rdf changed to UTF-8.
  • Remove unused AOM-related icons now that we no longer support Fx3.6.
  • Remove code from extensions.css that was specific to Fx3.6 and down.
  • In Night Launch Companion, drop support for Fx11 and down, and bump install.rdf maxVersion to Fx16.0a1.
  • In Night Launch Companion, remove stray BOM from install.rdf. (See scripts/checkbom.pl.)
  • In Night Launch Companion, update prefwindow's count of supported versions.
  • In Night Launch Companion, remove unneeded character entities from nightlaunchcompanion.dtd.
  • In Night Launch Companion, remove unneeded prefwindow.dtd.
  • In Night Launch Companion, remove unused file about.dtd.
  • In Night Launch Companion, convert install.rdf to UTF-8.
  • In Night Launch Companion, use nsIPromptService.alert() instead of window.alert().
  • In Night Launch Companion, in prefs.js, use logging rather than alert.
  • In Night Launch Companion, remove unused test code from firefoxOverlay.js because the test of inserting a script tag into about:home was triggering a warning from AMO validation.
2012-05-15       NNL Version 0.6.20120515 Released to AMO
2012-05-15       New in this version:
  • Add OS-specific scrollbar handling. This is the same for all platforms and preserves NNL scrollbar styling, except for on OS X Lion, where we use default-theme (i.e., platform-native) scrollbar styling.
  • As preparation for Lion-specific scrollbar styling, makes chrome.manifest point to the right locations based on OS X version. Existing files are moved into new directory macos/osx, and Lion-specific copies are created in macos/lion. This simply creates the right-named files in the right locations for existing files; does not yet include Lion-specific styling.
  • As preparation for Lion-specific scrollbar styling, create new subdirectories specific to OS X version.
  • As part of dropping support for Fx3.6, remove os-and-app-version-specific files (under nasanightlaunch-os) that were specific to Fx3.6.
  • Handle Bug 718816 - Orion upstream update (with debugger ruler support code). This still needs a little final polish with one or two more color changes.
  • For the Devtools Debugger, update debugger.css to be current with Bug 723047 - Stack frames should display the location next to the function name - and m-c patch 434247f59868. Still needs NNL styling.
  • For Bug 726444 - Implement the Downloads Panel - make the toolbarbutton look not so bad. Not final.
  • For Bug 726444 - Implement the Downloads Panel - add new assets and check in as a baseline. Still needs NNL styling.
  • For CSS Inspector, remake alerticon-warning.png in NNL style.
  • Upgrade the CSS Inspector's goto-mdn icon (visible when hovering a property in the Computed view).
  • In Night Launch Companion, let is the new var.
  • In Night Launch Companion, when opening the landing page, open the changelog rather than the welcome page if triggered by update instead of first run.
2012-05-07       New in this version:
  • For the CSS Inspector, in the app-version-specific csshtmltree.css with Fx13 and up, drop explicit direction-setting on .ruleview-code because that's handled in-content for Fx11 and up.
  • For the CSS Inspector, use a darker and more-visible gray for property value in the Properties view.
  • Handle Bug 703643 - be able to copy from the rules view - for Fx13 and up only in the app-version-specific csshtmltree.css. Note that we handled this bug and Bug 705276 in the reverse of the order in which they were applied to the Firefox codebase, so there's some mix and match in the way those two patches map to our associated changes, especially with the expander fix, although we get to the right state in the end.
  • Handle Bug 705276 - Split style inspector CSS between content & document CSS - again, this time for the app-version-specific csshtmltree.css, for Fx13 and up only. This is where we restore expander functionality to the Properties view for Fx13 and up. Also, remove Fx12-and-down styling from that file, since it's only used for Fx13 and up.
  • Handle Bug 727867 - Rule view indicate when invalid values are entered - again, this time for the app-version-specific csshtmltree.css, for Fx13 and up only. Uses the icon previously added for this bug.
  • Handle Bug 585563 - The inspector style panel should link to the CSS editor - again, this time in app-version-specific csshtmltree.css, for Fx13 and up only.
  • For the CSS Inspector, only underline links on hover, not in the normal state. This is less intrusive, visually, and we can go without the extra link signifier because we're no longer using color for property names in the rule view and so there's no need to distinguish the two.
  • Apply the patch for Bug 693510 - drop support for prefixes from border-radius* and box-shadow - to csshtmltree.css by using box-shadow instead of -moz-box-shadow.
  • For the CSS Inspector, don't use color for property names in the rule view because they look like links when they're not; just use a dark gray instead.
  • Split the entire file csshtmltree.css into two separate files, one specific to Fx12 and down and the other specific to Fx13 and up, to be imported into the original csshtmltree.css via chrome.manifest instruction. CSS Inspector representation and handling in Firefox changes significantly between Fx12 and Fx13, and requires structural and behavioral CSS to match. It might be possible to tweeze out rules for these differences into a single file, but it's simpler and safer just to use separate files and make each one right for its corresponding Firefox version.
  • Handle Bug 719335 - Allow arbitrary collapsing/expanding of sub-trees in about:memory.
  • Handle Bug 722196 - Rule view not showing media query information.
  • For Bug 585563 - The inspector style panel should link to the CSS editor - use more-visible colors for the file-name link.
  • For the Bookmarks Organizer (Bookmarks Library, Places Organizer), center back and forward icons in toolbarbutton regions, adjusting for lack of label on those toolbarbuttons.
  • For the Bookmarks Organizer (Bookmarks Library, Places Organizer), add RTL styling for the back and forward buttons.
  • For the Bookmarks Organizer (Bookmarks Library, Places Organizer), add hover- and active-state styling for the back and forward buttons.
  • Handle Bug 613588 - Load-on-demand livemarks - and Bug 706850 - New icon for livemark items. Adds visited-state styling for feed items in menus and bookmark trees.
  • Handle Bug 723051 - The scrubber end position does not show a rounded edge if the thumb is at the end of the video.
  • Handle Bug 717070 - Create button to initiate migration to a clean Firefox profile.
  • Handle Bug 731041 - Tidy up addon inline preferences code, add labels for checkboxes, remove ugly description hack.
  • Handle Bug 739093 - Remove the fullscreenflex. Comment-only change.
  • Handle Bug 705276 - Split style inspector CSS between content & document CSS.
  • Handle Bug 707740 - Ability to lock in a pseudo class in the page inspector.
  • Handle Bug 717924 - Move the HTML tree view in the Page Inspector above the inspector toolbar.
  • Handle Bug 727867 - Rule view indicate when invalid values are entered.
  • Handle Bug 730271 - Create sync folder for Sync-related content files.
  • Handle Bug 727997 - Sync options checkbox list shouldn't have a fixed height. Removes unwanted scrollbar from middle of Sync pane of Firefox Options/Preferences window.
  • Handle Bug 718816 - Orion upstream update (with debugger ruler support code) - for Fx13 and up.
  • First pass at Bug 707987 - Ability to set breakpoints in the Source Editor (orion). Still needs NNL styling, but adds all required new assets.
  • Handle Bug 717219 - Source Editor should highlight the current line in HTML documents.
  • Handle Bug 585563 - The inspector style panel should link to the CSS editor - for Fx13 and up. In the rules view, CSS source file name becomes a clickable link.
  • Handle Bug 609107 - Updated toolbarbutton dropmarker
  • Handle Bug 691419 - Move the command line background image to the browser/.../devtools directory
  • Stop using -moz-background-size, since we no longer support Fx3.6, and just use background-size instead.
  • Stop using -moz-background-origin, since we no longer support Fx3.6, and just use background-origin instead.
  • Stop using -moz-background-clip, since we no longer support Fx3.6, and just use background-clip instead.
  • Upgrade the inspector inspect button icon.
  • Handle Bug 717923 - Use an icon for the inspect button.
  • Handle Bug 694958 - [highlighter] [infobar] limit the size of the infobar. This patch restores coloration of node names, class names and id names on inspected elements when using the Inspector/Highlighter with Fx13.
  • Change minVersion supported in install.rdf to 4.0. It's official: so long, Firefox 3.6.
  • Handle Bug 693510 - drop support for prefixes from border-radius* and box-shadow. While both old prefixed and new non-prefixed property names have been allowed in parallel, Fx13 drops support for the old prefixed versions, and now we stop using them and switch to the new names. This marks the end of our support for Fx3.6 and down.
  • In Night Launch Companion, handle Bug 738642 - Finalized marketplace icon for about:home - by adding and using an apps icon for the Marketplace launcher button.
  • In Night Launch Companion, add (but don't yet use) utility code to allow checking if a userstyle is installed. Thanks Jason Barnabe for the sample code.
  • In Night Launch Companion, apply the coding convention that member references split across multiple lines put the period at the front of each line rather than at the end of the preceding line, to make it more obvious that lines are continuations.
  • In Night Launch Companion, stop using -moz-background-clip, -moz-background-origin, and -moz-background-size, since we no longer support Fx3.6, and just use the unprefixed CSS3 equivalents instead.
  • In Night Launch Companion, handle Bug 693510 - drop support for prefixes from border-radius* and box-shadow. While both old prefixed and new non-prefixed property names have been allowed in parallel, Fx13 drops support for the old prefixed versions, and now we stop using them and switch to the new names. Note that the new names aren't compatible with Fx3.6, for which we've already dropped support.
2012-04-28       New in this version:
  • For Bug 732040 - move themes/*stripe/inspector.css into devtools theme directory and rename to htmlpanel.css - add htmlpanel.css.
  • For Fx12 and up, finish NNL styling for about:newtab. Handles Bug 455553 - New Tab Page feature, Bug 715710 - [New Tab Page] Black bars behind titles should be lowered in opacity from 80% to 50%, Bug 721087 - [New Tab Page] Cells should have an outline to indicate their positions, Bug 729878 - [New Tab Page] Implement new layout, and related.
  • In Night Launch Companion, disable the Options/Preferences UI for about:newtab customization if not running a supported Firefox version.
  • In Night Launch Companion, add optional launch image styling for about:newtab, controlled via the Companion Options/Preferences window. For Fx13 and up, use this instead of userstyle 'NASA Night Launch - Launch Image for Empty Tabs'.
2012-04-25       New in this version:
  • Bump install.rdf maxVersion to 15.0a1.
  • In Night Launch Companion, bump install.rdf maxVersion to 15.0a1.
  • In Night Launch Companion, change the default pref setting for about:home restyling to false (off) to give people a chance to see the warning message before turning it on so they realize they need to turn off their other about:home userstyle if they're using one.
  • In Night Launch Companion, add a message to Options/Preferences UI telling people they need to turn off their about:home userstyle first.
  • In Night Launch Companion, do a better job of styling default snippets for Fx12 and down, which needs to be handled as a separate case from Fx13 and up.
2012-04-21       NNL Version 0.6.20120421 Released to AMO
(Note: Due to various delays, yet again, not available on AMO until 2012-04-30. Sorry for the trouble.)
2012-04-21       New in this version:
  • Handle Bug 704132 - (FX12) Style Inspector's left column should auto-fit text contents.
  • Handle Bug 718431 - (FX12) WebConsole doesn't show the warning icons on warning and errors.
  • Handle Bug 669392 - (FX12) File and Directory paths should be cropped in the middle and not at the beginning of the path.
  • Handle Bug 718259 - (FX12) Remove the resizer button in the Inspector Toolbar.
  • Handle Bug 712113 - (FX12) Either brace should be clickable to add new properties in the Style panel's Rule View.
  • Handle Bug 697006 - (FX14) Add desktop support for the Open Web Apps API - and Bug 735680 - Update icons for webapps doorhanger notification.
  • Handle Bug 713487 - (FX14) Move TopLevelImageDocument.css and TopLevelVideoDocument.css to toolkit/themes - and Bug 740668 - Add noise to background of image document - to style the background of bare image files and bare OGG video shown in tabs, separate from any other document.
  • In Night Launch Companion, add support for optional about:home styling, controlled via the Options/Preferences window. People using Stylish userstyle "NASA Night Launch - Firefox 4 about:home" should disable that userstyle and use Companion instead.
  • In Night Launch Companion, add log4j/log4moz-style logging.
  • In Night Launch Companion, change minimum supported Firefox version to Fx4, dropping support for Firefox 3.6.
2012-03-25       New in this version:
  • For the about:newtab page, as changed in Fx13, update CSS to achieve functional parity with the default theme. Still needs NNL styling.
  • For DOM Inspector, more groupbox caption adjustments, this time for DOM Inspector 2.0.11, which adds a groupbox to the DOM Node view.
  • In the CSS Inspector, use explicit colors rather than desktop-defined colors.
  • For tabbox tabs on the bottom of the panel, keep the same 2px bottom border, and avoid a vertical pixel shift, whether normal or selected.
  • For generic toolkit tabs (in a tabbox, such as Options > Advanced, and in the DOM Inspector XBL Bindings view in particular), don't highlight hovered tabs if they're disabled. Also get rid of some more unneeded -moz-appearance:none, this time in tabbox.css.
  • Styling improvements for DOM Inspector.
  • Restyle toolkit checkboxes (both normal and on-light) to have a sculpted, 3D look. Also restyle checkmarks (in checkboxes, in trees, in listboxes, in menuitems) to be slightly curved.
2012-03-17       New in this version:
  • Bump install.rdf maxVersion to 14.0a1.
  • For toolkit progressmeter, use border-image rather than simple border styling because this works better with varying progressmeter height.
  • For Firefox 3.6 and add-on Fission, adjust in-url-bar progressmeter styling to work with our new use of border-image for toolkit progressmeters.
  • For add-on Status-4-Evar progressmeter in Location Bar or Add-on Bar/toolbar, progressmeter elements should not have border-radius.
  • Increase the brightness of a disabled menuitem's checked/radio-checked symbols to be visible when hovering. Before, the symbol color matched the hovered menuitem background color, making it invisible. We now use the same lighter color for the symbol as we were using for disabled menuitem label text, so that both are now visible when hovering.
  • When hovering a checked/radio-checked menuitem, the check/radio-check symbol should stay grayed out (and not hover-highlight, as it was doing before). This was seen on click-and-hold of the Inspector toolbar breadcrumbs buttons for Fx10 and up.
  • For in-menu checkmark and in-menu radio mark, reduce the normal-state brightness to match neighboring text instead of being bright white.
  • Fix bug in Style Editor code where the itemArrow was mistakenly showing in the over/under portrait orientation when in RTL.
  • Fix typo (comment syntax) in orion.css.
2012-03-09       NNL Version 0.6.20120309 Released to AMO
(Note: Due to various delays, not available on AMO until 2012-03-23. Sorry for the trouble.)
2012-03-09       New in this version:
  • From splitter.css, remove extraneous -moz-appearance: none.
  • Remove Thunderbird rules from use by global.css. They're still in the packaged theme, but they don't get used at this time.
  • For Fx12 and Bug 687702 - Skin the Style Editor according to shorlander's mockups - and related, adds NNL-specific styling for Firefox's new built-in Style Editor.
  • Handle Bug 704017 - (FX11, FX12) [RTL] The Inspector rules view should be LTR. When running an RTL Firefox, the rules display should still be LTR, so beginning with Fx11, Firefox sets direction:ltr in content/styleinspector.css. Fx10 lacks this fix, so we do it in-theme so that we cover everyone using the CSS Inspector on Fx10 and up (duplicating the in-content rule for Fx11 and up). The direction setting can be dropped when dropping Fx10.
  • Handle Bug 616016 - (Fx10) Visually identify status bar add-on items in the add-on bar while customizing. Dims it and adds a dashed background while customizing.
  • Handle Bug 513405 - (FX11) Add text to video controls to describe the cause of errors.
  • Handle Bug 704123 - (FX11) Inspect Element background shading in document too dark. Slightly lightens the Inspector/Highlighter veil that shades around the inspected element.
  • Handle Bug 610902 - (FX11) Windows Aero: Keyboard shortcuts should appear in gray text on the menus (Windows). Unlike the default theme, we do this for all Firefox versions and all platforms.
  • Handle Bug 687968 - (FX11) Highlight the whole treerow on dragging/dropping.
2012-02-27       New in this version:
  • For the Inspector/Highlighter node info bar, add NNL styling. (Fx10 and up.) Also, change our breadcrumb label coloring method so that (unlike with the default theme) the same coloring is used for the selected breadcrumb and the node info bar.
  • For Inspector/Highlighter toolbar breadcrumbs, add hover highlighting on the label text.
  • For the Inspector/Highlighter toolbars (both the main Inspector toolbar and the CSS Inspector sidebar toolbar), adjust base styling to match the style established for breadcrumbs.
  • For the Inspector/Highlighter toolbar, fix layout and presentation of the breadcrumb scroll arrows.
  • For the Inspector/Highlighter toolbar, add toolbarbutton styling. using border-image to match the breadcrumbs. Also a few adjustments to breadcrumb styling, including removing negative margins from the breadcrumbs container and avoiding a flash of border color on clicking, while the border-images are loading.
  • For the Inspector/Highlighter, make the breadcrumb buttons work with the different -moz-border-image syntax of Fx12 and up.
  • Delete unused files from breadcrumbs (ltr-end.alt1.png, ltr-middle.alt1.png, ltr-start.alt1.png).
  • For the Inspector/Highlighter, improve the breadcrumb images with NNL-specific styling and add hover-state styling.
2012-02-20       New in this version:
  • For the benefit of Fx11 and Bug 470628 - Provide a Full Screen button - make sure that when in fullscreen mode, the main browser window's window element has a background color. If the window has a transparent background when going in fullscreen for HTML5 video, then the transition to fullscreen never completes and the window is rendered incorrectly. Simply using a background color on the window fixes that.
  • For add-on Cookie Monster, do a better job of blending the groupbox headers into the tooltip popup.
  • For HTML5 video controls, don't use a border on the control bar (looks funny when volume control is extended), use a better volume slider head and use a narrower volume slider bar.
  • Handle Bug 520614 - Fix usage of vbox in videocontrols.xml. Fixes a problem where our HTML5 video throbber/error icon/stalled icon was too high in the playback area; it's now centered, as it should be.
  • Committing to document the previous commit (rev 616, videocontrols.css and os-specific.css), which was committed by accident. Rev 616's change to videocontrols.css was a comment-only change. Rev 616's change to os-specific.css was experimental code, which change we now reverse.
  • For Fx12 and the new fullscreen button in controls for HTML5 video playback, handle Bug 715469 - Images in video controls fire "load" events that somehow bubble out to the element, We switch the fullscreen button from using list-style-image to using a background image with background-position. Note that this is different from the default theme, which uses -moz-image-rect; we use background-position instead to avoid eanother set of error meesages for users of Fx3.6. Also: remove unnecessary uses of -moz-appearance:none, add a border to the video controls bar, switch to a fully monochromatic bar background color.
  • For add-on DownThemAll, use on-light styling for notification strip buttons in the DTA Manager window.
  • For Fx12 and up, handle Bug 681548 - Media controls visual refresh. Updates the existing icons (although I feel another round of NNL-specific improvements coming for this) in video/audio/media playback controls with more-finely-rendered versions.
  • For Fx12, handle Bug 666306 - Video content should become large play button when video is not autoplay and with controls enabled.
  • Handle Bug 470628 - Provide a Full Screen button. For Fx11, adds a full-screen button to the HTML5 video element playback controls. Note: there's a significant bug in HTML5 fullscreen playback when using themes and fullscreen playback in a Windows Aero (glass) mode with Fx11. Impact TBD.
2012-02-14       New in this version:
  • For Fx13 and up, add NNL styling for the Orion text editor.
  • For Fx13 and Bug 721324 - Allow the source code editor of Scratchpad & StyleEditor to be themed - add new in-theme file browser/devtools/orion.css. Still needs NNL styling.
  • For Fx13 and Bug 697762 - Land the debugger in m-c - add browser/devtools/debugger.css as a new in-theme file. This establishes simple functional parity with the default theme as of 2012-02-12; NNL styling to follow.
  • For the Web Console's GCLI-based command-line, update gcli.css with NNL styling. Still need to make the command-line textbox look like a textbox.
  • For add-on Cookie Monster, use on-light styling and full opacity for the toolbar tooltip.
  • Handle Bug 528884 - Remove places' menu and toolbar bindings. This changes the Personal (Bookmarks) Toolbar drop indicator from image.toolbar-drop-indicator to image#PlacesToolbarDropIndicator.
  • Add styling for add-on Cookie Monster. Thanks edggar for the request.
  • For standard toolkit groupboxes, an icon in the groupbox caption should have space on either side of the icon.
  • Update gcli.css for parity with the default theme as it stood on 2011-01-31. This includes changes from the following bugs. NNL styling yet to be added.
    • Bug 656666 - Update HudService.jsm to allow GCLI integration
    • Bug 701212 - Get rid of "browser" sub-folder in browser/themes/*stripe/
    • Bug 692742 - GCLI popup dialogs sometimes have scrollbars
    • Bug 699411 - GCLI should use a sensible naming convention for its class names
    • Bug 701712 - GCLI help should be more, um helpful
    • Bug 702621 - GCLI needs fixes for the minor issues created by bug 692742
    • Bug 711368 - gcli.css uses both box-sizing and -moz-box-sizing
    • Bug 706230 - GCLI should have a jump-to-scratchpad feature
    • Bug 717598 - Backout changeset 05f3cb:13e49 missing reviewer from comment
    • Bug 711368 - gcli.css uses both box-sizing and -moz-box-sizing
    • Bug 706230 - GCLI should have a jump-to-scratchpad feature
    • Bug 718431 - WebConsole doesn't show the warning icons on warning and errors
  • For Fx6 and up, handle Bug 585991 - Show a popup listing possible completions, which adds a popup to the Web Console command line.
  • For Scratchpad, in the wake of Bug 679753 - Scratchpad could probably do without the status bar - remove outset styling from Scratchpad's notification strip and in fact from all outset notification strips because we don't use square beveled styling.
2012-02-05       New in this version:
  • Rename browser/newtab/newtab.css to browser/newtab/newTab.css. Case doesn't matter when live-loading theme files from chrome URL's mapped to the local MSWindows filesystem, but matters quite a bit when loading from a packaged add-on.
  • For Fx13, give about:newtab a dark background.
  • For Fx13 and for Bug 455553 - New Tab Page feature - and friends, create new in-theme files needed for about:newtab. These don't yet have NNL styling, and they're still changing even in the default theme because that feature isn't finished yet, but this achieves simple functional parity with the default theme.
  • For Fx11 and for Bug 583041 - Style Editor integration - and friends, create new in-theme files needed by the Style Editor. These don't yet have NNL styling, and we still need to move some Inspector/Highlighter rules from browser.css to devtools/common.css, but this achieves simple functional parity with the default theme.
  • about:newaddons should use a yellow warning icon, not the new black one used in the Add-ons Manager.
  • In Night Launch Companion, stop registering a handler for about:newtab. As of Firefox 13 nightlies, Firefox itself is now using the about:newtab name, which conflicted with our use and created an error when opening a new tab. This fixes the problem so that opening a new tab works correctly.
2012-02-02       NNL Version 0.6.20120202 Released to AMO
2012-02-02       New in this version:
  • Add work-in-progress breadcrumb images (even though they're not yet used in-theme) for the sake of making a release.
  • For add-on Stylish, when showing the list of userstyles in either the sidebar or the stand-alone Manage dialog, align the edges of the bottom buttons (Find Updates, Copy Style Info, Write New Style) with the edges of the list above it.
  • For add-on Status-4-Evar, restore checkbox styling in its Preferences window. Beginning with S4E version 2012.01.14.17, the S4E prefwindow imports chrome://global/skin/config.css. This is done to style the "I'll Be Careful" warning which he now shows in the Advanced pane. The problem for us is that config.css includes on-light styling, which breaks checkbox styling when applied to the on-dark S4E prefwindow. (He also stops importing global.css, but we still get it via config.css, so that's not an issue.) So we need to reinstate our default checkbox styling. This is an exact copy of our standard toolkit styling from checkbox.css, with two modifications: 1 - using checkbox:not(#showWarningNextTime) to boost specificity over our on-light rules and to allow on-light styling to stay on the warning checkbox; and 2 - setting (inheriting) color (it's not set in default checkbox rules).
  • Code clean-up for menulist.css, no styling or semantic change.
  • Comment-only change for autocomplete.css.
  • For add-on FireFTP 2.0.1, add styling for its new Custom Command toolbar. This was previously implemented as a tab-modal prompt, but v2.0.1 changes its representation to an autocomplete textbox within a toolbar at the bottom of the FireFTP window.
2012-02-01       New in this version:
  • install.rdf maxVersion bump to Fx13.0a1.
  • For add-on Firebug, fix a problem with our splitter code setting max-width and forcing Firebug UI to be sized as a tall thin strip. This happened in two cases: 1) with the Vertical Panes option, available in all Firebug versions supported by NNL, which triggered the problem when switched to over/under orientation, and 2) with the new-for-Firebug-1.9 UI Location option, allowing top/bottom/left/right position of Firebug UI relative to content, which triggered the error as well. The solution is to clear or not set max-width on a splitter when it has a side-to-side length-wise orientation ([orient="vertical"]). We were setting max-width on splitters because Firebug itself sets a max-width value we needed to override, but now that Firebug splitters can be oriented in either direction, we need to clear it for splitters running from side to side.
2012-01-30       NNL Version 0.6.20120129 Released to AMO
2012-01-29       New in this version:
  • For Fx10 and the Inspector/Highlighter, remove unwanted and unneeded PNG chunks from RTL breadcrumb button images.
  • Give NNL styling to the Highlighter/Inspector toolbar and CSS Inspector toolbar.
  • For LTR Inspector/Highlighter breadcrumb images, give them correct PNG chunk representation, and in particular, make a non-palettized ltr-middle.png. Also adjust spacing around the Inspector toolbar close button, and use -moz-box-ordinal-group to move it to the start of the toolbar so it lines up with close buttons for the Find Bar and Add-ons Bar.
  • Comment-only change for tabview.css.
  • For the Fx10-and-up Inspector/Highlighter, from the inspector toolbar close button, remove unwanted toolbarbutton hover and active background and spacing.
  • Handle Bug 694018 - (FX10) Remove legacy info-item css. This bug removes unneeded rules for .info-item from tabview.css, but it's not clear from the bug when they became unneeded, so we're just keeping them and noting the difference. Comment-only change.
  • Handle Bug 640065 - (FX10) 'Tabs from other windows' text disappears with background window. We don't need this change with our styling so we simply note that the case is being handled differently in the OSX default theme. Comment-only change.
  • For Fx10 and Bug 671243, note a change made in the default theme but neither needed nor taken in NNL. Comment-only change.
  • Comment-only change for csshtmltree.css.
  • Document on-light link colors next to the rules setting default on-dark link styling. Comment-only change.
  • For the Feed Preview page, which has a light background, use on-light link coloration rather than the standard (on-dark) link colors.
  • For Fx10 and up, apply a base level of NNL-specific styling to the Highlighter/HTML Inspector/CSS Inspector.
  • For Highlighter/HTML Inspector/CSS Inspector, achieve functional parity with Fx10 and the default theme. As of this patch, we have all the files (both CSS and image) and all the rules required to use the Inspector.
  • Restyle Add-ons Manager alert icons and messages to better blend into that setting. Replaces the yellow warning icon (shown for incompatible add-ons) with a new black one. Unbolds the message text to be less obtrusive. Also removes space between add-on name and description so the whole add-on item is more unified and easier to look at. Reduces space between add-on control buttons (Options/Disable/Remove) for a more economical and, again, unified layout.
  • For Firebug 1.9, restore splitter styling.
2012-01-03       NNL Version 0.6.20120102 Released to AMO
2012-01-02       New in this version:
  • Build process: as a favor to AMO reviewers, in the installable bundle, use generic and unchanging names for the JAR and XPI packaged within. This is as opposed to the previous packaging method, which included version numbers in the names. This is currently only used in beta (bundled) builds, but we may eventually offer the bundle as the official build. We also now create and package buildconfig.txt in the root directory of the bundle.
  • For add-on Firebug, fix up margins on the Firebug searchbox popup on the Mac. They use negative margins with their balloon-style popup, but we don't use balloon styling and don't need the margins.
  • More for Firebug.
  • Styling update for add-on Sage on the Mac.
  • Even more styling adjustments for add-on Firebug, versions 1.7 and 1.8. In particular, adds an NNL-specific icon for the Script-view debugger Rerun button.
  • Add-on Firebug 1.8 on the Mac draws line under #fbCommandToolbar, but we don't want that.
  • Comment-only change to toolbarbutton.css.
  • For add-on Firebug versions 1.7 and 1.8, adjust OSX-specific styling.
  • For add-on Firebug 1.8, make some OSX-specific adjustments.
  • For add-on Firebug 1.8, adjust styling for the Console command-line expand/collapse button, the multiline command editor, and the main Firebug toolbar button.
  • In themeBindings.xml, remove the unused on-click handler reference. It doesn't work from in a theme anyway, and that binding will have to be implemented in an extension.
  • For the Sync Setup wizard, remove grooved styling from separators on the "Pair a Device" page. These separators have class="groove-thin", and default theme styling for .groove-thin is tall and fully transparent, but our styling is grooved, and thin. Not sure why .groove-thin was specified in the source document, but it should result in transparent spacing between visible elements, so we remove our default styling.
  • For add-on Firebug, remove margin between icon and label of .toolbar-text-button to keep these toolbarbuttons from looking off-centered. These have no icon, so no margin is needed.
  • For add-on Firebug 1.8 and up, use the new path to customizeShortcuts.xul in @-moz-document to restore styling to the Customize Shortcuts dialog.
  • For add-on Firebug 1.8 and up, fix styling problems with its panelTabs. The internal representation changed between Firebug 1.7 and 1.8. Tested on Windows; a follow-up patch may be needed for Mac and Linux.
  • In the Fx4+ Add-ons Manager, for overall visual balance, decrease the font size used for add-on name in list views.
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