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Status Date Added Tags Description
DONE 2014-07-14 TOOLING, EXPLAINER We need to start calculating checksums for beta builds. That would let me post checksums alongside the download link so people can check that nothing changed in-transit with their downloads.

Can someone tell me: (1) Which value/values do I want to calculate? SHA-what? MD5? One consideration here is that it has to be something easy/possible for end users to check on their end, once they download, before installing. (2) Which programs I can/should use to calculate this? I'm on MSWindows for my primary development system. I have Linux in a VM, so that's possible, although that would be a pain to integrate with my build process. I also have some UNIX on my Dreamhost server, although here I would rather have it calculated locally, both for integration with my build process and because I want it calculated before my upload rather than after. I also have MozBuild installed locally, which I think has md5sum. (3) Which program/programs should I recommend to end users to calculate this for themselves on the receiving end? Keep in mind that we need solutions for all the platforms Firefox runs on, MSWindows, OSX, and Linux.
OPEN 2014-05-14 WEBSITE Create an FAQ page for the NNL website. Go through the MozillaZine NNL support thread and pull out questions and their answers from there, and use that as the basis for a new page. I'll provide a template web page into which you can insert the FAQ contents.
OPEN 2014-05-11 STYLISH Make and maintain a Stylish stylesheet which gives NNL styling to about:accounts, the Sync sign-up/sign-in page. This is remote content, meaning although the about:accounts basic page is built into Firefox, the contents of that page come from a server and can change any time, making it unsuitable for in-theme styling but perfect for a userstyle.
DONE (thanks moz_g) 2014-04-30 IMAGE Remake the "customization tip" images, shown as part of the UI Tour for customization with Firefox 29, in NNL style. See chrome://browser/skin/customizableui/customize-illustration.png and chrome://browser/skin/customizableui/customize-illustration-rtl.png and more details here.
OPEN 2014-04-26 ICONS Remake the large identity icon shown in the identity popup in NNL style. Make this both at the current size and at 2x for Retina displays on OSX. See chrome://browser/skin/identity.png.
OPEN 2014-04-12 ADDON Check the current ChatZilla and make sure my instructions for running it on XULRunner with NNL are still good. If not, what's the current situation and how should the instructions be updated?
OPEN 2014-04-12 TOOLING, EXPLAINER Check out the StippleGen art tool. Try it out and assess it: is it any good? What can you do with it? Does it produce a nice effect? Would it be good for fading some of the decorative images on the NNL web site into the background of the page? Some of my background images have problems with banding .. would this help with that?
OPEN 2014-04-12 FINANCIAL Your financial support of this time-intensive and hardware-intensive project is crucial and always needed.
OPEN 2014-04-09 COMPANION, ICONS Design a replacement icon for the Firefox logo on about:home for the case when about:home is styled with a dark background by Night Launch Companion. The full-strength orange one is a bit strong on that dark background. The replacement should still be a Firefox logo, simply restyled to better fit that page. Maybe take inspiration from the way the Warner Bros. logo was restyled at the start of The Matrix (not in the sense that it should look like something from the Matrix -- that's been done -- but in the sense that it's a restyling that's still obviously related to the original), or maybe do something in silvery metal. I have some preliminary work I can share if you like. The replacement logo would be applied by Night Launch Companion.
OPEN 2014-03-31 CSS, STYLISH Survey (as many as you like of) the Stylish stylesheets listed on the Tweaks and Mods page and see which ones will need updating for Australis. Bonus points: fix the ones that need updating.
OPEN 2014-03-29 ADDON Take QuickRestart 2 (my resurrection of the abandoned QuickRestart add-on) and adopt it as your own. We need this add-on to exist because it adds a Restart toolbarbutton that can be themed by NNL; other restartless add-ons define the icon in the add-on and can't be themed.
OPEN 2014-03-29 ADDON, TOOLING Hack on the domtreeproperties add-on to make it handle more CSS properties (border images and backgrounds in particular). There's documentation and a to-do list of other improvements at the top of domtreeproperties.js.
OPEN 2014-03-29 ICONS The border on the downloads-complete animation graphic should be thinner (2px on the 128px-wide icon). It's fine when smaller, but too fat when large, which you see during the animation. See chrome://browser/skin/downloads/download-notification-finish.png . Also download-notification-start.png and download-notification.png
OPEN 2014-03-29 ICONS Make an NNL-specific rendition of the key icon that shows in the popup from the identity block when asked to save a password.
OPEN 2014-03-29 ICONS Make an NNL-specific rendition of the mixed content shield icon that shows in the popup from the identity block. See chrome://browser/skin/mixed-content-blocked-64.png .
OPEN 2014-03-29 ICONS Remake all the social services icons (the blue cloud) using NNL-specific styling.
OPEN 2014-03-29 ICONS Remake the Add-ons Manager Languages globe icon. The border needs to be refined.
OPEN 2014-03-29 ICONS Remake the Add-ons Manager Available Updates badge icon in the hover and selected states. The bright yellow needs to be toned down.
OPEN 2014-03-29 EXPLAINER Answer/comment on any of my questions on ask.mozilla.org.
OPEN 2014-03-29 ICONS Replace all the private browsing icons in NNL with NNL-specific versions. See for example chrome://browser/skin/Privacy-48.png . I like that icon, it could just be more NNL-ish. Maybe something based on Ray-Ban Aviators, or Master Chief's visor/goggles, or something more abstract.
OPEN 2014-03-29 ADDON Patch the NewsFox add-on so the icons in the feed tree can be themed. This would be simple, just make it so it gets its icons from CSS rather than from explicit inline attribute [src=someimg].
OPEN 2014-03-29 COMPANION, EXPLAINER Teach me how to set up/create an automated test infrastructure for Night Launch Companion. It's mature enough that it can be included with NNL, but first we need one-click testing on it to validate it as each new Firefox version comes out. How do other add-ons do this?
OPEN 2014-03-29 GITHUB, EXPLAINER Be my guide to learning GitHub. Get on IRC with me and hand-hold me through the process of setting up and maintaining code on GitHub, for one of the XPI add-ons mentioned above. Yes, I know, GitHub tutorials are available; the point is to minimize the amount of time it takes me to acquire that knowledge, because there are a couple hundred other things I need to be learning too. None of them are conceptually difficult; the problem is simply that there are so many of them, and time is limited.
OPEN 2014-03-29 FINANCIAL Fund (in advance) two years of a domain name, hosting and SSL cert so I can serve NNL beta builds over https. It needs to be done in advance so we can provide a continuous level of service.
OPEN 2014-03-29 FINANCIAL My current Mac Mini won't run OS X Mountain Lion. I'll need to replace my Mac hardware to upgrade the OS, and I'll need to do that soon, and I don't have the budget for that, so send me the old Mac you don't need any more, instead of sending it to become junked e-waste in some landfill. It needs to be modern enough to run Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) and/or Mavericks (OS X 10.9), and it needs to come with everything to boot to desktop (cables, power supply, OS software, etc.).
OPEN 2014-03-29 CSS, TOOLING Point out a tool (or create, if it doesn't exist) to read through a CSS source file and report 1) all the selectors; 2) all the id's referenced in selectors; 3) all the classes referenced in selectors; 4) all the attributes (other than id and class) referenced in selectors. Preferably this would be something I could run locally, under shell script control to text file output, but a web site which does the same thing would work too.
OPEN 2014-03-29 JS, ADDON As things stand now, some favicons that use a dark figure over a transparent background can be hard to read in tabs with dark themes like NNL. So, create an XPI extension that will look at the favicon used in each tab, analyze its colors and transparency, decide if it would be hard to read on a dark background and, if so, set an attribute on the tab so that themes (like NNL, but other dark themes too) can use a bright background color behind the favicon. I made an attempt to solve this for a few sites with a Stylish stylesheet, but that approach obviously won't scale; it needs to be done in JS.
OPEN 2014-03-29 JS, EXPLAINER Explain to me how "Promises" (the JavaScript programming construct) work, and let me ask follow-up questions until I get it. I frequently have to drop down into Firefox JS/JSM source and read through it to see what's happening, and Promises are now being used in a lot of places, making the code harder to follow. I need to understand this, and with your help hopefully that wouldn't take too long.
DONE 2014-03-29 COMPANION Patch Night Launch Companion to disable subskins if running a post-Australis Firefox. Subskins will all have to be updated to work with Australis and that won't come until some unspecified date in the future. This doesn't involve recoding any of the subskins; rather, this involves disabling both the subskin selection UI and the underlying code which applies subskins. Again, that would only be for Australis; if running pre-Australis builds, subskins should still work. RESOLUTION: Removed from Australis builds, kept for older Firefox.
DONE 2014-03-29 COMPANION Patch Night Launch Companion to disable the Go button functionality for Australis, exactly the same way as for subskins. RESOLUTION: Simply made it work for Australis too.
DONE 2014-03-29 COMPANION Patch Night Launch Companion to disable the status info display (controlled by pref extensions.nightlaunchcompanion.showStatusBarInfo) for Australis, while keeping it for older Firefox. Alternatively, figure out a new place to put that info in the UI; it used to be put in the statusbar/add-on bar, and now that that's gone it would need to go somewhere else. RESOLUTION: Removed from Australis builds, kept for older Firefox.